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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

When You Go Preggers, Head For Cheap Maternity Clothes Online

Now we know there are probably gazillions things on the mind of a pregnant woman owing to the stress, and crazy hormones acting up, but one thing which tops the chart is her constant struggle to find a decent pair of maternity -wear where there’s a lot of room for the movements and something that does not give her a hulk-like appearance. Psychologically too, clothes impact the mood swings of the lady carrying the child and hence designers try and come up with fancy themes and colours to infuse feelings of warmth and reflect femininity without rendering a shabby look. For instance the countdown T-shirt has been a real rage this year with the labour month chart printed on the top facilitating ample space to strike off the days of the birth month. This is indeed is all feels isn’t?

Taking cue, from the warm fuzzy feelings to surround a birthing mother, Expectant mothers are also found exercising choices in different comfort –wear. So whether it be a maxi dress or elastic maternity pants, there’s a plethora of comfort clothes for pregnant women made available in the market. Moreover, more and more industries regarding birthing mothers or nursing mothers are opening up indigenously which cater to the needs of a woman spoiled with options from the right maternity-wear to the baby’s clothes, toys or food. For many, budget constraints have now been dealt with because all the fancy maternity –wear too is available at competitive prices in the market. Further, if you still aren’t quite satisfied with the retail experience you could search for cheap maternity clothes online as there are plenty of good options to choose from which befits every wallet or purse. A fancy way to bid good-bye to the post partum depression, isn’t after all retail therapy according to women is the best therapy...

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Start Young with Girl’s Abayas

Don’t you find it adorable when you see young girls decked up with a headscarf or an Abaya – a seemingly familiar sight on those special days of festivities like Eid! Many Mothers while raising their young daughters often have found it hard to get a modest wear for their girls when teaching the core value of modesty. Many a times mothers have to resort to their own DIY while teaching Namaaz for the lack of any suitable ‘go-to’ dress. Realizing the need of the hour, there are many companies investing their ideas in such garments.

Abaya for kids are now a days readily available- a trend which is in rage these days and is now, not only relegated to the Middle Eastern quarters but has moved internationally and into the heart of America and England where such kids could be easily seen sporting these. (All thanks to the E-tailers available to lap up such demands.) Moreover, these Abayas have also found a firm footing in the age groups ranging from pre-teens to late –teens. It starts as a pre-cursor to adapt to comfortable clothing and a good learning practice towards modest dressing in helping to understand ethics and sensibilities. Given the fact these girls are young, there’s always a constant attempt to make the clothes a lil’ bit more endearing to wear....

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How About Some Islamic Scarf Today?

Seriously, is there any woman out there who doesn’t own a scarf? I mean you don’t have to be a fashion veteran or be doing the rounds of fashion corridors to realize its importance. Scarves tend to add grace, to your ensemble plus act as a part of the layer scheme providing more depth to define your look. Period!

They have been a part of almost all iconic fashionistas’ must have list. Talking about the English women  styling it earlier, it got adorned over the statement hats if not the nape of their neck. Be it belting it as a fabric tie to clinch waist or being worn out as a camouflaged muffler, scarves have plenty of reasons to make it to your wardrobe list, if they haven’t already and the reasons are other than the obvious styling and utility. For the uninitiated, you could Google the YouTube videos on top 10 or top 30 ways to style your scarf videos, and you’ll know what I mean. Winks!

And perhaps that’s the reason owing to its versatility that it has had many takers from all parts of the world resonating with women’s innate fashion call. The Muslim women too wear the scarf but as a hijab i.e. head covering which adequately covers their hair. The Islamic scarf for women is retailed a bit differently with different assigned patterns, lengths and material which come under the banner of halal dressing. In simple words motifs which are deemed Islamic or halal!

Like for one, we know that the set patterns do not have to have any facial representation as it goes against the tenets of halal dress code nor should bear any picture of anything living or dead. Such women’s scarves also bear a good length for ample coverage of hair and borne out of material which usually is not a ‘slip affair’ on the head. (Just imagine the multiple pins on the head to help tuck in a chiffon scarf on the head and nonetheless we still have many takers for Pashminas, and such is the irony) I guess it’s also imperative that I point out that Islamic scarves have a propensity towards eastern prints and fabrics with the orientlist elements being reproduced time and again. So you’ll easily find a pashmina with a rich Egyptian embroidery or a cotton scarf with a tie & dye dual print. Time you fancy a new scarf, eh?

Friday, December 4, 2015

Summers, Tan & Salwar Suits

Salwar kameez is probably a term you must have been cognizant with by now, coz it’s not only a staple attire for most of the ladies in the south Asiatic belt of India, Pakistan & Bangladesh (or at least was, until some years ago) but is also globally recognized quite contrary to its humble beginnings. It is an indigenous rendering of a traditional Persian attire which gradually got a regional stamp with different cultures thriving along the belt. Today, you could easily see many varied renditions of salwar suits globally in the works of Middle Eastern designers toying with the idea of pallazo pants and shirt –tunics in their creations. So much so that even many International celebrities have donned this attire for the sheer love for this outfit. Do you still remember the iconic picture of Princess Diana in a golden salwar suit while dating a Pakistani surgeon, do you?

And coming back to our discussion, the latest fad to hit the desi- community is of long shirt dresses or salwars along with Pallazo Pants -courtesy Pakistan

But by all means none can discount the utility of salwar kameez suits. For the lack of a better word, there’s nothing which can give you the triple advantages of modesty, comfort and style all rolled into one. The scarf or ‘dupatta’ as we call it forms the third part of the outfit which is either styled on head, chest, scarved around the neck or completely done away with as per the preference of the wearer. However, its mass popularity could also be linked to the geographical location of these countries. Given the fact that south Asia especially the aforementioned countries fall in the combination of sub-tropics and sub- temperate regions, the summers weather brutally harsh on the people of this belt. And that is precisely the reason there’s an upscale in sale of cotton salwar kameez during summers...

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Make Room for Plus Size Clothing in Islamic Wear

With every other day, a news bulletin running a story on body-image issues of teen-age girls and sometimes pre-teens starving themselves to death to get the perfect hour-glass figure or the growing obesity in young kids of European and Asian nation makes one wonder for how long this food-paradox would continue? These extreme cases of bulimia and obesity have now taken a toll on the psyche of young and old. The internalized guilt of ‘not being too thin’ enough to fit into a certain size gets further triggered owing to the rampant commercialization in food and clothing. The size zero phenomenon does in no way help towards positive body image building

One is left to wonder, why the hour-glass ‘stick figures’ are only allowed to walk the ramp in fashion shows, even though it’s a far fetched picture of the normal body mass index recommended by doctors. As per psychologists Two in ten cases of depression are related to people who are not satisfied with their body –type and hence resort to many malpractices to satiate their conscience. It’s only lately that corporates have woken up to realize the crying needs of these people owing to the collaborated efforts of NGO’s and growing protests by self-help groups world over.

Little comes to surprise that when the general masses suffer through the problem of outfits not available in adequate sizes then there’s almost negligible solace left of plus sizers in Islamic –wear community. More often than not, this neglected lot has to come up with certain DIY tricks to satiate the fashion-bug in them. It’s either the top is too tight or the neck –line is too low for the women who are modest dressers. Moreover, not every garment in the store could be classified into the halaal category. The Islamic plus sizers also have to deal with the exorbitant prices of certain garments which are both halal and available as plus size Islamic clothing is still a small market and needs ample recognition, so the industry which recognizes the niche is cashing on the poor victims of a further marginalized lot...

Originally Published at : http://articles.abilogic.com/120480/make-room-plus-size-clothing.html

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Essentials of a Daily Namaaz

Now if I am to quiz you about the daily commodities essential for offering Salah, chances are you’ll end up starting with the Prayer rug itself which is better known as Jaenamaz. Now, we all know that the basic purpose of a prayer rug is to provide a clean foothold for prayer as mandated. So it’s an obvious spot-on in any Muslim house-hold. The next one on the check list is prayer beads. We all get confused counting on fingers don’t we? We have quite a collection on that one too.

So we thought of compiling a collection from our end to meet the needs used in prayer. Hold your horses for the ideal clothes for namaz or the Muslim thobes comes in later.

Prayer Rugs East Essence

Starting off, we have a Hot Pink & Silver, JaeNamez Prayer Rug ideally suitable for young maidens who’d love to imbibe a bit of their girl –quotient even on the rug. A handi-work of spirals and silver makes it sassy and sweet! We’ve had many young takers for this one as well as mothers taking this as a stepping –stone for their young daughters to help establish prayers. Next we have another version in Brown & Silver, JaeNamez Prayer Rugs with traditional art in the centre. The third one, a Pink JaeNamaz is again a favorite with girls and mothers. The soft pink manages to capture the attention at the right place. Endowed with rich art-work, the silver play on the rug makes it a must –have. Finally we have some fresh greens in this green JaeNamaz with geometrical patterns. The interplay of silver with varied colors is an interesting mix. The Maroon Base JaeNamaz too works wonder in its feel and look.

Tasbeeh East Essence
We have a variety in prayer beads too. Some are color coded like the one we have in Purple and White, Tasbeeh while others are a simple rendition of the traditional pearly green bead in colors light green. You have other eclectic colors in aqua blue, basic black and light yellow too. Yes we also feature the famous Wood-Brown Tasbeeh as well as transparent Clear Tasbeeh.

I think it’s time for some Ibadaah, what say?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Islamic Clothing in Haute Couture?

Haute couture is a French term which connotes ‘high dressmaking’. Though it’s easier to say that little has remained of the term as of now coz many designers have given their own interpretation to (let’s say exploited) the term to satiate the desire of the market. However, there are many distinct markers synonymous with the same and Haute couture seems to be the flavor of every season in every fashion capital, market or gully.

So what are these markers?

Firstly, there isn’t any cardinal rule to exactly watermark couture from non-couture but with time it has come to common knowledge that an exorbitantly priced garment made out of rare or expensive fabric rendering itself to exclusivity in design, make and its number as well as is custom-fitted to suit the need of the buyer is all what Haute couture defines.

Phew, now that we covered it, lately hybrid trends have contributed into intermixing of various styles and culture amalgamation giving rise to a niche industry which is-Islamic Couture!

The designer Islamic clothing has now become synonymous with high-end dresses like gowns. The rich endowment of a trousseau with precious stones, or intricate handi-work on the fabric goes a long way in stamping the couture tag on the outfit. Though Ramp walks are mostly replete with flowy floor length gowns or skirts and pants it seems that Islamic couture has entered into the skin of the young fashionistas lately, for these dresses are not only relegated to the fashion circuit. Though more often than not high street Muslim fashion has come in the eye of the storm, owing to the stricter diktats of certain Ullemas on Muslim fashion...

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Monday, November 16, 2015

The Fancy World of Hijab Pins

One of the most common pet-peeves of our practicing sisters wearing a hijab is to maintain it all up there throughout the day. And the problem becomes more instrumental in the case of our new sisters trying the HIjab. Keeping it firm on the head all day long seems a herculean task enough for the newbies and might spell out the same for the veterans too if they haven’t mastered the art of maintaining firm hijabs with their tricks and twitches. A firm hijab is also essential to maintain the many scarf –styles (read many-folds voluminous hijab, hoody hijab, side hijab,) to cast a modest picture of your personal style.

So what do we know and have what have we learnt so far? The problem and here comes the solution. The answer ladies is Hijab pins. These hijab pins are not your regular metallic pins more in sync with surgical boxes but ornamental broaches. Except for the usage the appearance differs from the regular ones to add to your look. Let me brief you that Hijab pins not only accentuates your scarf by doubling as an accessory but also fastens it firm to the under scarf or scarf itself maintaining your folds and layers tucked in and neat.

The market is replete with myriad choices and one can go bonkers over some. A piece of advice - while fishing out ‘your’ hijab pins make sure that you also select it for its utility as some are just ornamental without feasibility of being used as good pins. So now that we covered it, let me make your life easier by offering our line on the same. Introducing EE’s fresh take on Hijab pins.

KOSHBO PIN- This ornamental rose pin carries a gold base with two stones. The studs make sure that the roving eyes set at the right spot. An ideal wear on something floral.

FLOWER BASKET PIN- This exquisite piece is a little treasure in its own right. Notice the tiny leaf like structures adding more dimensions to the broach. A total must have.

DIAMOND PIN- This disk shaped pin comes with a large stone at the centre surrounded with mini-crystals to finish off the elegant look.

A handy advice when using these pins: try and go for a monotone hijab to make the pin prominent enough!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Growing Popularity of Modest Swimming Suits

Women's Modest Swimwear East Essence
When we talk about a swimsuit, usually we visualise a dress which is skimpy, in the form of a 2-piece bikini or a 1-piece swim wear, just apt for the perfect body. But not all women are comfortable in wearing such swim wears. Plus there are various other reasons for an Islamic woman not preferring a regular swimwear. But does that mean that such women should avoid going for a swim or to the beach? No not at all.

Fortunately, nowadays, designers and apparel companies especially those dealing in Muslim clothing have come up with women’s modest swimwear to make Islamic women feel confident and look good at the beach or at the swimming pool without compromising their modesty and decency. In most of the retail outlets or even on online shopping sites, there are various types of swimwear for women, which also include the modest ones. These shopping outlets are targeting not only the religious and conservative women but also the fashionable young women...


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Live the Evergreen Fashion of Islamic Tunics

Islamic clothing is now available in a plethora of colors and Muslims living in different parts of the world now have access to same age-old traditional and modest Muslim clothing but in accordance with the latest fashion trends. These revamped versions of traditional clothing are being provided by various online stores that specialize in Islamic merchandises.

Islamic women who live in western countries usually have some difficulties in finding fashionable Islamic garments but now they can choose from a variety of traditional apparels that are available in varied colors and designs. The archaic and plain Islamic tunics have been slightly modified and are available on a number of online stores. Ladies can choose from- 

Muslim Tunics East Essence
  • Long Tunics- These are ankle-length tunics and are usually available in dark shades. These can be coupled with plain hijabs for an elegant look.
  • Batwing Tunics- These tunics are preferred by Islamic ladies all over the globe and one can wear them with tie-and-dye hijabs or even embroidered hijabs for a trendy and casual look.
  • Zipper Tunics- These tunics are equipped with a zipper and are the latest innovation in Muslim clothing. Available in several dark and classy shades, these tunics can be coupled with a sober embroidered hijab for any formal gathering.
  • Wrap Tunic- These tunics usually feature beautiful and exquisite ikkat prints and are immensely popular among Islamic females all over the world.
  • Knit Tunics- These tunics have a woolen texture and should be worn with printed and colorful hijabs for a chic and casual look.
  • Laced Tunics- These tunics are perfect for everyday wear and can be worn to workplaces as well as casual outings.
  • Embroidered Tunics- These tunics are adorned with beautiful embroidery designs and are available in various colors.
  • Butterfly Tunics- These tunics are adorned with catchy patterns and have large and puffed sleeves which add uniqueness to this beautiful outfit.
Muslim tunics are available in variety of fabrics ranging from viscose to cotton. Also, the unique sequined tunics will surely leave you mesmerized. Availability of plus size clothing is another significant advantage for Islamic women. Buyers can go for tunics with beautiful shifley embroidery at the wrists and the neck – such designs can greatly complement and accentuate the beauty of the outfit. To add elegance to your outfit, these online stores also provide alluring handbags, clutches and marvelous pashmina shawls. Those who are looking for an entire outfit can choose from the numerous dress sets available on these stores. Furthermore, length of these garments can be customized as per the needs of the buyer.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Traditional and Trendy Islamic Clothing for Everyone

With the rapidly changing trends of fashion, even Muslim clothing has undergone various changes. Islam is known for its modest clothing and in the current times, online stores try to provide traditional Muslim clothing in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

The trendy Islamic clothing has created ripples in the global fashion and is being preferred by Muslims all over the world. Female Muslims now have a plethora of options other than the age-old plain hijabs and abayas. These online stores combine the latest trends in fashion with the archaic traditions. Female Muslims can choose from a huge variety of abayas which comprises of beautiful maxi dresses as well as elegant bat-wing abayas that provide with the unique look you always had been searching for. Furthermore, these garments are available in plus-size as well.

There are different kinds of hijabs available on online stores and apart from plain and quaint hijabs, one can even go through the vast collection of colorful tie and dye hijabs or embroidered hijabs for a regal look. Buyers also have the custom length option in these hijabs. Those who wish to adorn their hijabs can buy exquisite hijab pins in beautiful designs – these pins will definitely add elegance and uniqueness to the outfit.  Apart from hijab pins, other accessories such as exquisite handbags and ornately designed clutches too can accentuate the overall beauty of your outfit...

Read More at- http://www.imfaceplate.com/eastessence/traditional-and-trendy-islamic-clothing-for-everyone

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Islamic School Uniforms Now a Click Away

The rapid technological advancements and incessantly changing fashion trends have had an effective impact on Islamic clothing. Now Muslim men and women both have an access to a variety of Islamic clothing available at a click. Various online stores provide latest styles of abayas, hijabs, thobes, jilbabs and dishdashas.

Even Islamic school uniforms are available online. Different uniforms pertaining to various global Islamic schools are available in the online market. Parents can choose from a variety of elegant hijabs or simplistic yet trendy kurtis for their adoring daughters. There’s a large collection of boys’ wears too comprising of plain or embroidered kurtas or splendid dishdashas and thobes. Uniforms for Islamic students are not easy to find especially in the western parts of the world but these issues have been resolved by various online stores. These stores provide uniforms for all the leading Islamic schools in different parts of the world.

Apart from uniforms, these stores also offer smart casuals for kids. Girls can admiringly flaunt their sequin abayas or adorn themselves with pretty scarves while little boys can head out in fashion with complete sets of traditional dresses or fancy kurtas....

Read More at- http://articles.abilogic.com/110880/islamic-school-uniforms-now-click.html

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Clutch the Fashion with Clutch Handbags

The clutch bag is a significant accessory in a Muslim woman’s closet. A clutch can be considered as a miniature purse which contains all the essentials such as credit cards, cash, identity proofs etc. A well-chosen clutch adds the pinch of elegance to your outfit and makes you stand out in a social gathering but a wrong clutch bag may even take away the charm of your meticulously planned outfit. The specialty of such bags is their sheer size which makes  them easy to carry around.

It is very important for women to carefully match their clutch handbags not only with their outfits but also with other accessories such as shoes, belts, hijabs etc. There are different types of clutch bags available from which Muslim women can choose the best-suited one:
  • Formal Clutches-  These clutches often come in the sober shades of brown and black, and complement almost any outfit. They can go really well with plain colored hijabs.
  • Embellished Clutches- These clutches come with beautiful and decorated patterns of embellishments. These ornamental clutches go really well with jeweled hijab-headbands and give you a queen-like look for any family function.
  • Clutches also come in deeper shades of red, or in colors like green which can be carried with printed hijabs for a unique look.
There are various factors which should be kept in mind before choosing a clutch-
  • One should always go for a quality material while buying clutches. There are various clutches available in the market. One can prefer the subtle velvet clutch or can even go for long-lasting metal clutches. These are available in different sizes and colors – size should be chosen according to the needs but should be appropriate because an unnecessarily large clutch will not only be inconvenient to carry but will also make your outfit look clumsy. Colors should be creatively matched either with the dress or with any other accessory such as headbands, hijab-brooches etc.
  • One can even buy clutch bags online which come in a variety of designs. Customers should carefully match these clutches with their outfits as some of those can even dull the appearance of the outfit. Such clutches should ideally be paired with plain dresses and embroidered hijabs.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Adorning Hijabs with Pins, Headbands and Brooches

The fashion has been constantly changing and new trends are being adapted worldwide and Muslim women stand no exception to this fact. A plain black hijab may appear to be dull but there are numerous ways a hijab can be stylized and beautified as per the taste of the women who wear them.

Adding hijab accessories is the latest fashion trend and is being followed by female Muslims worldwide. A hijab can be easily stylized with brooches that give it a distinguishing and an interesting look. These hijab brooches come in different varieties and one can choose from the plethora of designs. These brooches add elegance to your plain outfit.

Colorful hijab pins can also be used to decorate your outfit and give it a fabulous look. These pins can be effectively used with cotton hijabs with decorated borders as these augment your beauty and the combination of the two can be effectively carried at family gatherings or functions. Hijab with beautiful bows or headbands is also a preferred option among Muslim women who like to keep their outfit simple yet classy. Following points should be kept in mind before stylizing a hijab-
  • It is advisable that the color of hijab should complement the dress you’re wearing. Usually matching colors are preferred by most women.
  • A hijab should be stylized simply because too many colorful pins or brooches may take away the simplicity.
  • Hijab headbands have gained huge popularity and are available in various prints. These headbands make you look traditional and stylish at the same time.
  • Printed hijabs are a great option to prettify your outfit but bows and colorful headbands should be avoided as they often look unneeded with such hijabs.
  • Brightly colored pins or heavy ornamental headbands should also be avoided with tie dye hijabs.
Embroidered hijabs are also being preferred and are in vogue. These hijabs usually come in light colors and can be easily carried with ornamental head bands for an aesthetic look. Hijab headbands with beautiful embroidery are being popularly used to decorate plain hijabs and make them look elegant.

A hijab can be decorated in many ways with numerous accessories which are available in market. One can add interesting headpieces or bonnets to a plain hijab for astonishing results. But, the accessories should be carefully chosen and should be in accordance with the hijab as well as the dress. Subtlety and simplicity along with elegance should be followed while exaggerated headbands and other such accessories should be avoided.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Islamic Prayer Rugs: A Great Gifting Option

Offering prayers is an important part of every Muslim?s life. Keeping this in mind, one can gift an Islamic prayer mat to a Muslim. Prayer mats are an ideal gifting option as a Muslim is not allowed to offer prayers without using a mat.

Occasions on Which an Islamic Prayer Rug Can Be Gifted
  • When Kids Turn Seven: As soon as the kids turn seven, they are expected to offer prayers to Allah regularly. Gifting an Islamic prayer rug to a kid on his/her seventh birthday can be a great idea. On receiving the prayer mat, the kid will have a sense of belongingness, and he/she will be motivated to use the same.
  • House Warming: When your friends or relatives move to a new house and invite you for a house warming party, Islamic prayer rugs can be a perfect gifting option as praying in a new house will bring peace and harmony for the family members. While choosing a prayer rug, make sure you select one that is woven in rich and dark colors. These mats are a little expensive, but they are truly worth the money. Not only will the receiver feel happy on seeing the gift, but will also get to see your generous side...

Monday, September 7, 2015

Skirts for Women: Why Are They Loved?

Women love getting dressed in clothes that are comfortable and at the same time give them an elegant appearance – a skirt is one of those apparels. Skirts are a perfect choice to be worn at occasions or while attending office. Skirts are an evergreen apparel, and one can choose from the wide assortment of exquisite styles. Skirts are loved by Muslim women; let us read on to know why:
  • Keeps the Wearer Comfortable: One of the main reasons why women love wearing a skirt is because the apparel keeps the wearer comfortable. Since the garment is a free flowing one, it is easy to move around wearing the same. Also, the wearer can freely perform the daily tasks as the movements do not get restricted when wearing a skirt.
  • Various Colors and Styles: Skirts for women are available in various styles, designs and colors. If you have even one skirt in your wardrobe, it can be paired with different tops and hijabs to sport a classy and different look. However, the market is flooded with numerous options, and one can choose skirts of different colors and styles.
  • Allows Wearer to Abide by the Dressing Rules of Islam: Out of all the various types of skirts available, long skirts for women are ideal for Muslim women. Since these skirts reach till the ankles, they keep the leg covered, which is one major dressing rule of Islam. Long skirts allow you to abide by the dressing rules of Islam, and the same time give you a stylish appearance...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tips to Get the Perfect Look While Wearing a Salwar Kameez

When we talk about ethnic wear, salwar kameez tops the chart as women not only find it stylish, but also extremely comfortable to wear. The dress is popular among women of all age groups and women love choosing different patterns and designs. Purchasing from a salwar kameez shop online gives you an opportunity to go through the plethora of options available. We bring to you some tips that can help you get the perfect look while wearing the apparel.

Focus on the Fitting

It is always a great decision to choose a salwar kameez that is a little loose. A salwar kameez that is too tight will amplify your curves – wearing such clothes is forbidden in Islam. Also, if you choose a salwar kameez that has little room, you will feel comfortable. While shopping online, make sure you have a look at the sizing chart provided alongside the apparel. Compare your measurements with those given in the sizing chart- this will help you choose a salwar kameez of the right fit.

Choose Colors According to Your Body Type

Not many people pay attention to this, but it is extremely important to choose the color of the salwar kameez according to your body type. Women having a slim appearance can go for pastel shades, and women who are on the heavier side, must opt for a salwar kameez of a darker shade as this is sure to give a slimmer appearance.

Pay Attention to the Cut of the Apparel

While choosing a salwaar kameez, make sure you pay attention to the cut of the apparel. The right cut will compliment your body type and will give you a slimmer look. Women having a slim or an hourglass shaped body type must go for a straight cut salwar kameez. On the other hand, if you have a pear shaped body, opt for anarkali suits.

Length of the sleeves Need to be chosen carefully

Muslim women must be a little cautious about the length of the sleeves while choosing a salwar kameez. Since covering the hands is an essential Islamic dressing rule, it must be kept in mind that you choose a salwar kameez with long sleeves. This will give a trim appearance to your hands and at the same time will help you abide by the Islamic rules and regulations.

Do Not Overdo

As a popular saying goes, 'All that glitters is not gold'. Choosing a simple salwar kameez can make you look extremely elegant. Choose a simple salwar kameez with minimal or no embellishment and carry off the apparel with a stylish hijab.

This classic apparel was already popular in India, but in the recent years it has gained immense popularity all across the globe. Many women purchase salwar kameez online in USA.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Style Considerations for Women's Dress Pants

Nearly all women love wearing pants as they look elegant and suit all kinds of occasions - from work to a casual outing. One of the most popular style of pants are dress pants. They can vary from business casual to business formal dress pants, and are also a good attire for social gatherings or evening parties.

Dress pants for women come in all kinds of styles and fits. It is advised to try on different styles of dress pants, preferably the ones which have the potential of being altered, before finalizing on one.

Following are some useful tips, if you are looking for a pair of no-nonsense dress pants that are classically tailored. Hopefully they will enable you to eliminate some unnessory options, before even trying them.

...Read More at-

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to Wear Clutch Bags with Style

Clutch bags are one of the latest fashion trends. According to most fashionistas, a nice clutch bag can easily enhance an outfit. This explains the popularity of these stunning bags that are now available all over, they come as regular and designer wears. This fancy bag is taking the world by storm, as it is loved by fashion conscious woman who want to look even more stylish.

Sure, they may not be the most practical bags out there, as they are smaller in size and need to be constantly held. But they are one of the most chic bags that go with all kinds of outfits. And, as they are available in a number of styles and sizes, there are just a lot of options to choose from.

Going through an endless variety of colors, sizes and shapes for your clutch bag is an exciting venture. Shopping online can offer the largest selection of clutch bags to choose from. You can find designer names as well as cheaper versions of clutch bags online.

Rules to Follow While Wearing Clutch Bags

There are certain rules to follow if you are wearing clutch bags. There are specific shapes, sizes and styles to go for, when you use a clutch. However, there is always room for experimentation, as that is what ensures that you can find the right style, which suits your personality.

The old rule of thumb is going for clutches that is proportionate to your body type. However, this rule is being challenged by today's fashionistas, as according to them experimenting with contrast is the current trend. These days you can find women carrying large, envelope style clutch handbags, and looking quite stylish with them, even if they themselves are very small in size....

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Islamic Fashion: Changes and Developments

Having been steadily accepted for several years and getting consistent support from some of the most popular fashion icons, Islamic clothing tradition today has a significant place in the world of fashion. Several top international institutes have established the fact that Arabic and Islamic fashion greatly influence the global fashion industry today.

According to recent studies, worth of international Islamic fashion industry is estimated to be about USD 96 billion, based on the assumption that at least USD120 is spent on modest clothing every year by over 1.6 billion Muslims across the world. Today people explore Islamic fashion online as well.

Owing to its expansion and growth in recent past, Muslim middle class has stepped into Western society. People from this class have become fashion-conscious and thus are more particular about their dressing sense. Muslim men and women today get educated and choose professions. Some of them even set up their own businesses. To complement their contemporary lifestyle, these people have adopted modernism and have added a touch of Islamic tradition to it.

Some Popular Outfits in Islamic Fashion

Kurtis and Kurtas

Kurtis and kurtas are evergreen outfits worn by Muslims on countless occasions. These normally extend till the knee of wearer. While kurtis are worn by women, men wear kurtas. These can be teamed with a pair of loose trousers or jeans.


Abayas are popular outfits worn by Muslim women. These are ankle-length dresses which suit almost any look. Abayas are available in several different styles. Most popular among these styles is the kaftan abaya with front knot. Kaftan refers to loose sleeves resembling wings of a butterfly. Second most popular style of abayas is the one having long sleeves and multiple layers. Some women also wear abayas with multiple folds. These loose-fitting outfits are normally paired hijabs of matching color.


Jilbabs are ankle-length dresses similar to abayas. The only difference is that these garments have buttons on the front. Hence these can be worn like coats.


Hijab is a scarf that covers the head and neck of wear. Sometimes it extends till the waist. There are many types of hijab such as niqab, shayla and al amira.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Fashion Tips on Wearing Islamic Tunics

Islamic clothing always includes simple and modest dresses that completely cover the body of wearer. Outfits for Muslim women today include tunics as well. Islamic tunics are slightly different from usual tunics. Following are the major differences between the two:
  • Tunics worn by Muslim women are considerably long. Long Islamic tunics extend at least till the knees of wearer.
  • These Tunics are designed from a thick fabric that hides the skin tone of wearer.
  • Islamic tunics mostly have a dark color such as black or brown.
  • These tunics do not have any fancy patterns or flashy designs on them.
Following are some fashion tips on wearing long Islamic tunics:

Wear tunics for Formal Look

Regardless of others' opinion, Muslim women can definitely wear tunics at work. Versatility of tunics extends across a variety of looks. However, there are some points one should remember while wearing tunics on a formal occasion. Following are some of those:
  • Choose a simple print. When you are wearing a tunic for office, its print should not attract attention.
  • Pick a dark color. Islamic outfits are usually bold in color, It is better to follow the same with tunics. Moreover, dark tunics look better on formal occasions.
  • Pair your tunic with a smart pair of loose trousers. Trousers should not extend beyond the ankle.
  • A trendy clutch or handbag makes a classy combination with tunics.
  • Avoid wearing flashy jewelry particularly golden jewelry as it is forbidden according to Islamic tradition. Wear some understated pieces instead.

Make sure that Fitting is Loose Enough

Style and modesty go together in Islamic clothing. Any outfit worn by Muslim women needs to be loose and comfortable. Tunics are not an exception to that. A good option is to choose at least one size longer.

Consider Your Height While Choosing Tunic

Your height is an important factor while choosing Islamic tunics. Following are some important considerations:
  • Tunic should be long enough to extend at least till the knee of wearer.
  • Avoid wearing tunics if you are too short. If you still want to wear those, make sure you team them with the right dress.
  •  If you are tall, choose smaller prints on tunics. On the other hand, if you are short, go for bigger prints.
Above mentioned fashion tips will be very useful for you. Following these tips, you can flaunt a classy look wearing Islamic tunics.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Be Stylish and Comfortable in Cool Maternity Kurtis

In today's modern times when fashion is a very important aspect of day-to-day life, mom's-to-be are also not left behind. Pregnant women no longer wear over sized and loose fitting clothes like before. On the other hand, most women like to flaunt their pregnancy and celebrate motherhood in style.

It's always tricky for pregnant women to dress up fashionably and look good in maternity clothing. But you don't have to become a fashion disaster during pregnancy. It is important that you dress well and take care of your clothing style as well as accessories. There are a number of Western and Indian outfits that you can choose from, and maternity kurtis are one of the best and most comfortable options during this wonderful period of every woman's life.

Maternity kurtis look elegant as well as stylish, and they go well as an Indian or indo-western attire. These kurtis are loose and comfortable and can be teamed with jeans, skirts, trousers or leggings. Conservative women can also dress stylishly in these kurtis, along with being comfortable. With these kurtis, you look confident, dress comfortably and feel less self-conscious.

Not only is kurti a beautiful piece of garment, it also mirrors our cultural heritage. They reflect the wonderful colors of our country. Maternity kurtis are an impressive combination of traditional designs and contemporary styles...

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to Choose a Modest Swimwear?

The advent of modest swimsuits has given all the Muslim women a chance to participate in various water sports. Earlier, the unavailability of modest swimsuits was the only reason why these women were hesitant to participate in water sports. Today, one can find a wide variety of swimsuits in traditional shops or on Islamic shopping sites. However, some women get a little confused while choosing a swimwear as they are not confident whether it will be prefect according to the Islamic rules and regulations.

The online shopping sites list the description of every product they sell. One of the best things to do is to read the details carefully before making the final choice. Here are some factors that must be kept in mind before buying women's modest swimwear:
  • Sun Protection: The fabric of the swimwear must have a SPF (sun protection factor) of 50 or more. This will keep the wearer protected from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.
  • Chlorine-Resistant: The swimsuit you plan to buy must be chlorine-resistant. This will keep the swimsuit protected from the chemical. Furthermore, this will help in keeping the swimwear like new for years to come.
  • Non-Clinging Fabric: Before buying the swimsuit, make sure you pay attention to the fabric of which it is made. The fabric must not cling to the body of the wearer as the shape of the body must not be visible to anyone.
  • Quick-Drying Fabric: It is always advisable to choose a swimsuit made of a fabric that dries quickly. This will keep the wearer less uncomfortable...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to Look Stylish in Islamic Shirts

When it comes to shirts, men have a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs to choose from. The style of shirts worn by Muslim men are slightly different from others. The shirts they wear are often referred to as kameez.

Islamic shirts have particular features that are not common in all shirts. Following are some of those features:
  • Kameez is longer than other shirts. It normally extends till the thigh of the wearer.
  • The fabric of Islamic shirts is quite thick. Muslim men are not allowed to expose their skin tone to others. Hence Islamic shirts are designed from a thick fabric.
  • The colors of Islamic shirts are never too bright.
  • These shirts do not have any flashy designs or fancy patterns.
  • The fitting of these shirts is considerably loose so that the body figure of wearer stays hidden.
With some smart tips, one can look trendy wearing Islamic shirts.

Looking Stylish in Formal Shirts

Following are some points to keep in mind while wearing formal Islamic shirts:
  • Formal shirts look best when paired with tailored jackets or suits and trousers.
  • With Islamic shirts you can go for classy colors like black, blue and white. These colors add an edge to your appearance when you wear the shirt. However make sure that you don't choose colors that are too bright or flashy. Such colors attract unwanted attention and thus should be avoided.....

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to Buy a Jilbab Online?

One of the biggest concern of an online shopper is, “I have bought an outfit, now will it fit me or not?” One needs to be extremely careful while choosing clothes online, so that you don't have to get the clothes replaced. Today, most Muslim women prefer shopping from online Islamic sites as one can find a huge variety of clothing options in various designs, patterns and colors. A jilbab is one of the popular Islamic outfits for Muslim women and one can find numerous stylish jilbabs online. The only trick you must know is how to select a jilbab of the right measurement. The following guide will help you make the right choice:

What to Measure

Before we tell you how to measure, it is important to know what you need to measure. There are a few measurements that you must certainly have with you, before you start shopping. Those measurements are:
  • Height: Measure your complete height.
  • The Length of the Jilbab: For this, you must take the measurement from the middle of the back shoulder till the heel. The jilbab you select must drop till your heels, as covering the entire body is one of the major dressing rules of Islam.
  • Shoulder Width: The width of the shoulders must be sized by taking the measurement between the shoulder edges. Muslims should not wear clothes that cling to the body thus, it is important to take the correct measurements.
  • The Sleeves of the Jilbab: This length should be from the edge of the shoulders till the wrist. Make sure you carefully take this measurement as keeping the hands covered is an important Islam dressing rule.
  • Bust Measurement: Always make sure that the Jilbab is loose and does not cling to your body. Take the measurements from under the arms and measure the entire bust area.
  • Hip Measurement: Measure the area around the hips.

How to Measure: Tips and Tricks

  • Length: To measure the length, make sure you add 1 inch to the measurement from the mid shoulder to the heels. If you take the exact measurements till the heels, the Jilbab might appear short if you wear sandals having heels.
  • Bust: While taking the bust measurement, add around 4 and a half inches to your bust size. This will ensure that the Jilbab will not cling to the body.
  • Hip: Once you have taken your hip measurement, add around 5 inches to the original measurement.
Once you have noted all the above mentioned measurements, go to the size chart that the online shopping stores provide alongside the garments they offer. See what suits you the best, and make a selection.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Choosing Maternity Clothes at Reasonable Prices

Choosing clothes during pregnancy is one of the toughest decisions for a woman as maternity clothes need to be chosen carefully. Most women do not prefer investing too much money into maternity clothes as most of the clothes cannot be used after pregnancy. It is always a wise decision to choose clothes that are priced reasonably, so that you do not regret spending money, if you cannot use those clothes later.

While choosing maternity clothes, one needs to be careful as the wearer must remain comfortable in the garment and must also expand as and when the belly grows. However, this does not mean that you have to opt for loose clothes. Opting for cheap maternity clothes online is a great choice. One can find a plethora of options and can choose according to their individual choice and requirement. Choosing maternity clothes online is not at all a difficult task. Here is what you need to do:
  • Decide a budget: Deciding a budget is of utmost importance and it is always a great choice to keep the budget low as most women do not like wearing baggy clothes post pregnancy. Next, browse through the Islamic online shopping sites and look for the maternity clothes section. These clothes are priced reasonably and are designed according to the dressing rules of Islam. Fashionable, trendy and modest maternity clothing options is what one can expect.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Long Skirts: Styling Guide

Muslim women love experimenting with clothes and love following new fashion trends. There is nothing wrong in doing so, as long they abide by the Islamic dressing rules and regulations. One of the much loved outfit is a long skirt. Long skirts for women not only look stylish, but are also extremely comfortable to wear. However, it is very important to pair up the skirt properly, so that the wearer looks elegant and at the same time, trendy. Here is a guide that can help you style a long skirt fashionably.
  • Skirt with a T-Shirt: Nothing can be more comfortable than teaming up a long skirt with a t-shirt. Always keep a plain white and a plain black t-shirt in your wardrobe – these two colors can be teamed with a skirt of any color. Whether you opt for a plain or a printed skirt, a t-shirt can be teamed with both..........

Monday, April 6, 2015

What to Consider While Choosing an Abaya?

With the online stores offering a wide collection of Islamic clothing, shopping for these outfits has become a lot easier than before. Furthermore, there is an availability of a huge variety of outfits for men, women as well as children. With so many options available, it can sometimes get difficult to pick the right one.

Abayas are one of the most popular Islamic outfits for women. While keeping the modesty intact, abayas can give you a classy look. You can wear these in different styles, and can also team them with hijabs and other accessories.  

Although there are numerous online portals offering abayas of superior quality, women need to consider many factors before finally choosing one. The major point of concern is the type of fabric. Apart from that, there are aspects such as the occasion to wear the abaya dress, brand preferences, and one's personal style. Here are some points you should keep in mind while choosing abayas.....

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Ways to Look Classy in Islamic Scarves

An impressive style statement does not necessarily need flashy accessories. A simple Islamic scarf is far more fashionable than it seems. Known by the traditional name "Hijab", this scarf can be teamed up with most of your outfits, adding a modish appeal to your modest look. However, by picking the wrong shade, you may end up looking weird with the scarf. Here are some useful tips for choosing the apt color and also know about how you can drape these scarf in different styles.

Pick a shade that matches your personality:

While the black and gray shades hold their importance, you can go for prismatic hues for a more blissful look. Choose vibrant shades if you have a bold personality. On the contrary, if you are more of a reserved person, wear scarves of muted tones. Make sure that the rest of your outfit complements the scarf.

Consider your eye color:

While wearing a hijab, it is preferable to choose a color that accentuates your eyes. Violet, blue and teal are a fine match for brown eyes. Bright green eyes can be complemented well by beautiful shades like pink, peach and red colors.

Wearing the scarf in certain particular ways can make women look classy. Here are some superb styles of draping the scarf.

Style 1:

This is the most common way of wearing the Islamic scarf. It works best with a square-shaped scarf made of lightweight fabric like satin or cotton. In winters, you can opt for wool scarves. Two scarf pins will be required to secure the scarf. Fold the scarf along the diagonal to make it triangular. Place it on your head, keeping the longest side of the triangle at front, and the third corner at the back. Use the pin to join the two sides just below your chin. Bring the tails opposite to each other around your neck and pin them together at the back of your head. Adjust the scarf accordingly, so that it stays secure. You can wear the scarf in this style while going for work or while attending college....

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Friday, March 27, 2015

A Glance at the Different Styles and Types of Maternity Abayas

Abayas are specially designed to meet the needs of Muslim moms and they are available at numerous online stores, as well as retail outlets. They are trendy, casual and comfortable, just perfect for the modern Muslim women, who in addition to being stylish, want to maintain tradition and modesty in their dressing style.

Following are different styles of maternity abayas that work both during pregnancy, as well as after birth:

Butterfly Abayas: In this style of abayas, a seam is stitched into the fabric, which brings excess fabric on the sides, creating a wavy look for the garment. The seams are easily adjustable, as the previous seam can be removed and a new one can be stitched either outside or inside the previous seam. They are highly preferred by pregnant Muslim women as the seams can be altered according to the space requirement on the waist or hips, during the different stages of pregnancy. They can also be brought back to the original size after pregnancy.

Bisht Abayas: This type of abayas have an open width and are very loose, as the waist measures around 100 inches. It can be worn by slim as well as full-figured pregnant women. The open width of the garment makes it comfortable to be worn during the entire duration of pregnancy. Altering the dress is not required. Another important benefit is that there is an abundance of fabric in the garment and it is designed in a way that tones down the size of the belly, making a woman look slimmer. This abaya can be worn even after pregnancy, as it doesn't give the appearance of a maternity abaya.

Shoulder Close Abayas: These abayas are very popular and are sometimes preferred over the other two. Shoulder close abayas have an open design. A piece of fabric is attached to the shoulder and it can be wrapped around the front, giving it a closed look. As the abaya is open, it is flexible around the waist and hip area. The fabric can be loosened as the pregnancy progresses.

Maternity abayas are loose fitting with easy front openings and they come in a wide range of colors. Along with other features that make the clothing more convenient and comfortable for pregnant ladies and new moms, they are also available in V-Necks and long zippers. These abayas will fit a lady throughout her pregnancy, as her belly keeps growing.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Islamic Thobes: Taking Islamic Fashion to the next Level

Thobe is a favorite traditional dress that provides an unique identity to Muslim men. Thobes are also called Dishdasha, Suriyah or Kandura in different parts of the world. One can avail thobes in varied lengths depending on his requirement. The short thobes are a symbol of modesty. On the other hand, long thobes exhibit royalty and elite status of the wearer. The most preferred fabric used for designing a thobe is cotton. Woolen material is also used for designing Islamic thobes for men, that are worn by men during the winter season. Apart from cotton and wool, thobes are also designed using georgette, polyester and other light fabrics. Lighter fabric thobes are comparatively casual in terms of look. These are normally worn by the wearers on a daily basis.

Men in different Islamic countries wear thobes in their own typical style. These full-length apparels offer versatility to the wearer. An Islamic thobe for men can be made using both embroidered as well as printed fabric. The most striking feature of a thobe is its  sparkling embroidery around the neck and the cuffs. Some formal thobes come with sequins that give a special look to the garment. Formal thobes are a little expensive and are thus worn by rich men on special occasions like wedding, Eid etc. One can distinguish a thobe style on the basis of its design and cut.

Across the world, there is an availability of different types of thobes. Just like shirts, you will find some thobes having collars, and each sleeve of these thobes is designed with buttons at the cuff. Also, to give the thobes an attractive and appealing look, buttons are placed in the middle of the garment. To further enhance the appearance of the garment, designers have detailed the same with a chest pocket. Muslim men generally wear a flannel shirt underneath the thobe. This flannel shirt is usually a cotton t-shirt of white color. These shirt-like thobes are worn along with long and loose white pants.....

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fashion Updates in Islamic Clothing for Summer

The trends in Islamic clothing go through a lot of changes and one needs to be updated with those. Islamic clothing for women is no longer just a means to depict their religion, but also a classy fashion statement. Having the modesty still intact, these dresses look a lot trendier today. They can further be complemented with catchy accessories, beautiful jewelry and trendy footwear like flats, sandals and high heels.   

Women have a lot of options to try with Islamic clothing. Some of the clothing staples can be worn in a much more stylish manner. Here are some trendy ways to wear Islamic clothing for summer.
  • Maxi Dresses: Summer is the perfect time to wear maxi dresses. You can team these with shiny jewelry to glam up the look. For a more casual look, these can be paired with a jacket and flat sandals. You can also cover it up at the top with a boxy spring jacket or a long cardigan.
  • Tunics: Tunics are a popular trend during the summers. Sheer linen or lightweight cotton is the ideal fabric. You can wear a long tunic as a dress. Another option is to wear it as a shirt and team it with lightweight silk pants.
  • Hijabs: A traditional veil to cover the head and chest, hijab has become an appealing aspect in Islamic clothing for women. It keeps your head cool during summers. The printed ones are more popular these days. For an edgy look, wear a python-print hijab with any desired outfit. Silk, chiffon and handwoven bamboo are the suitable fabrics.
  • Neutral Pants: Black, White or Khaki-colored pants are good enough to match almost anything. There are many varieties such as brocade, lace-cut embroidery and wide-leg pants. For summer, lighter shades and lightweight fabrics are more preferable. 
  • Caftans: Just like tunics, caftans too can be worn as long-sleeved shirts or as a complete dress. Stylish in look and comfortable to wear, caftans look modest. It is better to choose a lightweight fabric like cotton, to keep the body cool. A caftan with a beaded print is best for day look. For the evening look, you can add a trendy belt to the same. 
  • Long skirts: These are a staple in Islamic clothing for women. Team these with long-sleeved tops, beautiful earrings, stylish flats or sandals and a sleek hijab for a chic look. Long skirts can be worn for multiple occasions.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Shop Online and Explore the Endless Options of plus Size Islamic Clothing

It is the dream of every woman to look gorgeous irrespective of her body size and shape. This is possible only when clothes of the right size are selected. For plus size women, finding stylish clothes of the appropriate fit was a challenging task, but not anymore! The introduction of online shopping has given all the plus size women a chance to select plus size clothes that fit properly and are designed according to the latest fashion trends. If you too are looking for plus size Islamic clothing options, make sure you browse through various online shopping sites and explore the endless options available. Let us have a look at why shopping online for plus size Islamic outfits is better than shopping from retail stores:
  • Availability of options: Most retail stores do not stock up too many plus size clothes as there is not much demand for the same. When you go to a retail store, you get only limited options and you end up making a choice from the few options available, irrespective of whether you like it or not. However, if you opt for online shopping, you can browse through a plethora of clothing options. You can conveniently browse through all the categories without stepping out of your home.
  • No more embarrassment: While all the other people in a retail store ask for regular size clothing, asking for plus size clothes might be embarrassing for some ladies. By shopping online, you will not have to feel embarrassed anymore as no one would be staring at you and you can conveniently sit and browse through the plus size section.
  • Take the help of the sizing chart: If the retail store does not give you the option of trying out the outfit, assessing the measurement and fit of the outfit might be a challenging task. Online shopping sites provide you a sizing chart that can help you in choosing the outfit according to your measurements. Once you choose outfits according to the sizing chart, you can be assured that the clothes will fit you in good order.....

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fashionable Islamic Clothing for Men: Not a Dream Anymore

Like women, even men love getting dressed fashionably. However, for many years, the clothing options for Islamic men were limited and there was not much they could do about it but, times have changed now and every Muslim man has an equal chance to dress up fashionably. By fashionable we do not mean not following the dressing rules and regulations of Islam. An ideal men Islamic clothing is one which is trendy yet designed according to the rules and regulations of Islam. Today, one can find a huge variety of stylish Islamic clothes in various colors and designs.

The General Rules of Clothing That Must Be Followed by Every Muslim Man
No matter how stylish and trendy Islamic dresses for men are available in the market or on online shopping stores, there are certain rules that must be always kept in mind. The clothes that must be worn must be modest, should not be body hugging, should be made of thick material so that the shape of the body is not visible. Also, Muslim men cannot wear gold jewelery.

How to Choose Fashionable Islamic Clothes
-Conduct a thorough research before buying any outfit. Choose garments that have been designed fashionably but abide by the rules of Islamic clothing.

-There is no harm in trying out outfits incorporating different designs. The only thing that must be kept in mind is that the image of any living creature should not be imprinted in your garment. Apart from this, you can wear clothes having any design.

-To look stylish, you can choose traditional clothes that have been transformed and given a new look altogether. Choose clothes that have been designed using buttons, cuffs, collars, piping, pockets etc.....

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Maternity Clothes: Cheap yet a Fashionable Choice

Finding pregnant ladies struggling with their clothes is one common sight we often spot. A growing belly not only makes the pregnant woman conscious, but also makes her feel out of fashion. Bringing an end to this problem is the availability of clothes for pregnant women. Choosing the right kind of maternity clothes can help you save money and at the same time can make you look fashionable and trendy even during pregnancy. Here are some economical options that you choose as maternity clothing options.
  • Choose stretchable garments: Investing in a top, jacket, blazer is a great option as these garments can be worn even after you have delivered your little bundle of joy. Make sure that the garment you choose is made of a stretchable material, so that it can accommodate your growing belly and can be used at a later stage too. Also ensure that you choose a long sleeved top, jacket or blazer as keeping the hands covered is essential in Islam.
  • Choose outfits made of at least 5% spandex: If you choose a garment made of cotton they might shrink on being washed and it might be difficult for you to wear the garment. Try and choose garments that are made up of at least 5% spandex. This material will expand with your growing belly and once you are through with your pregnancy, you can use the garment again.
  • Opt for flowy dresses: Choosing flowy garments can help you hide your baby bump. Moreover, since Muslim women are not allowed to wear body hugging clothes, flowy dresses are a great option for them. The only factor that needs to be kept in mind is that the length of the dress must be enough to cover the entire legs and the dress must be long sleeved.....

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wear Your Hijab Fashionably Using Hijab Accessories

Covering the head is one of the essentials of Islamic clothing rules and regulations and Hijabs play a vital role in the same. For years, people thought wearing a Hijab was a necessity, but today, with the plethora of options available, this clothing option has become more of a style statement. Gone are the days when women used to drape plain Hijabs. Today, the availability of various styles, colors and designs is giving women a chance to experiment with the Hijab fashion. Adding even more grace and charm to these Hijabs are the Hijab accessories.

Use of Hijab accessories
Even though Muslim women have limited fashionable clothing options, every woman wishes to look gorgeous in whatever she wears. Today, Hijabs of various patterns and colors are available, but the plain and simple ones look the best. But this does not mean that one needs to drape only the plain looking Hijabs. These Hijabs can be beautified and accessorized using Hijab accessories. Here is a styling guide for all the ladies who wear Hijabs.

How to use Hijab accessories
  • Drape your Hijab in a simple style by first placing it on top of your head and leaving one end longer than the other. Take hold of the shorter end while you drape the longer end round the chin and then around your head.
  • Once this is done, it is time to accessorize your Hijab. One of the most popular Hijab accessory is a Hijab pin. When the Hijab has been draped firmly, all you need to do is place the Hijab pin on top of the Hijab, and you are done! This will give your Hijab an appealing and fashionable look.
  • Apart from Hijab pins, you can also make use of jewelry like necklaces and bracelets and decorate your Hijab. A necklace can be used as an embellishment around the head's crown. By tying the necklace under the Hijab, only a part of the necklace or the pendant will be visible.
  • Another style to use a necklace as a Hijab accessory is by wearing it round your head. This will look like a headband and will give you a stylish look.
  • Bows, flowers, chains and beads are some other Hijab accessories one can opt for. Not only do they look beautiful, but also keep the Hijab secured.
By using the above mentioned Hijab accessories, you can transform your plain and simple Hijab into a super stylish one.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Islamic Swimming Suits Depicting Modesty, Decency, Comfort and Fashion

As per Islamic law, it is necessary for a Muslim woman to cover her body, except the face and the hands, in front of the general public, specially men to whom marriage is not permitted. It is also an obligation for all Muslim men to dress modestly as per the Islamic traditions. Under these circumstances, there has always been a great controversy related to what the Muslims should wear while swimming. Do you think, Muslim men and women refrain from swimming due to the restrictions imposed on their clothing as per the religion? The answer is “No”. A Muslim man or a woman can enjoy the best times at a beach or a swimming pool just like people of other religions but with some negotiations on their dressing part. The situation basically highlights the essence of negotiation in a multicultural society.

Yes, it is true that they cannot wear the appropriate skin revealing swimming costumes or a regular swimwear as per the dressing norms of their religion. But this does not mean that they cannot enjoy swimming in the scorching summer heat. They need to get the Islamic swimming suit or swimwear which is modest and decent, and as per the Islamic religion. Nowadays, the various special retail Islamic stores and the online Islamic stores have in their shelves different kinds of Islamic modest swimwear and clothes relevant to girls and boys who want to swim.

Usually, the most common design of a swimwear for a Muslim woman is like a complete body suit, made of water proof material and covering the entire body from neck to toe. This swimming costume also comes with a swimming cap, like a skull cap or Hijab that keeps the hair covered.....

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