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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fashionable Islamic Clothing for Men: Not a Dream Anymore

Like women, even men love getting dressed fashionably. However, for many years, the clothing options for Islamic men were limited and there was not much they could do about it but, times have changed now and every Muslim man has an equal chance to dress up fashionably. By fashionable we do not mean not following the dressing rules and regulations of Islam. An ideal men Islamic clothing is one which is trendy yet designed according to the rules and regulations of Islam. Today, one can find a huge variety of stylish Islamic clothes in various colors and designs.

The General Rules of Clothing That Must Be Followed by Every Muslim Man
No matter how stylish and trendy Islamic dresses for men are available in the market or on online shopping stores, there are certain rules that must be always kept in mind. The clothes that must be worn must be modest, should not be body hugging, should be made of thick material so that the shape of the body is not visible. Also, Muslim men cannot wear gold jewelery.

How to Choose Fashionable Islamic Clothes
-Conduct a thorough research before buying any outfit. Choose garments that have been designed fashionably but abide by the rules of Islamic clothing.

-There is no harm in trying out outfits incorporating different designs. The only thing that must be kept in mind is that the image of any living creature should not be imprinted in your garment. Apart from this, you can wear clothes having any design.

-To look stylish, you can choose traditional clothes that have been transformed and given a new look altogether. Choose clothes that have been designed using buttons, cuffs, collars, piping, pockets etc.....

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