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Monday, March 30, 2015

Ways to Look Classy in Islamic Scarves

An impressive style statement does not necessarily need flashy accessories. A simple Islamic scarf is far more fashionable than it seems. Known by the traditional name "Hijab", this scarf can be teamed up with most of your outfits, adding a modish appeal to your modest look. However, by picking the wrong shade, you may end up looking weird with the scarf. Here are some useful tips for choosing the apt color and also know about how you can drape these scarf in different styles.

Pick a shade that matches your personality:

While the black and gray shades hold their importance, you can go for prismatic hues for a more blissful look. Choose vibrant shades if you have a bold personality. On the contrary, if you are more of a reserved person, wear scarves of muted tones. Make sure that the rest of your outfit complements the scarf.

Consider your eye color:

While wearing a hijab, it is preferable to choose a color that accentuates your eyes. Violet, blue and teal are a fine match for brown eyes. Bright green eyes can be complemented well by beautiful shades like pink, peach and red colors.

Wearing the scarf in certain particular ways can make women look classy. Here are some superb styles of draping the scarf.

Style 1:

This is the most common way of wearing the Islamic scarf. It works best with a square-shaped scarf made of lightweight fabric like satin or cotton. In winters, you can opt for wool scarves. Two scarf pins will be required to secure the scarf. Fold the scarf along the diagonal to make it triangular. Place it on your head, keeping the longest side of the triangle at front, and the third corner at the back. Use the pin to join the two sides just below your chin. Bring the tails opposite to each other around your neck and pin them together at the back of your head. Adjust the scarf accordingly, so that it stays secure. You can wear the scarf in this style while going for work or while attending college....

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