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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dressing in Long T-Shirts: The Never-Ending Perks for Women

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Do you wish for clothes that help you beat summers?

Do you prefer comfort over style?

Or, you wish for something that’s convenient, comfortable, and still eye-catch?

The answer that you have been looking for is Long T-shirts. Especially for women.

Whether you are a loving mom of three in your thirties, or a college goes, long t-shirts are must to have in your wardrobe. Reason being the perks they offer in dressing.

A) You can wear it at home for leisure.

B) You can pair it up with shorts, leggings, or any other bottom wear, and hurray; you got a party look.

C) Long T-shirts come in different designs, colors, and even sizes.

D) They look dapper at women of all ages.

E) You can wear it for all occasions- for sports, for parties, for a casual outing, or at home (No more donning husband’s t-shirt for comfort).

F) They are extremely comfortable and might help you beat harsh temperature in summers.

These long women T-shirts are the perfect example of modest fashion clothes that doesn’t tamper with modesty level and is still fashionable. Don’t we want something just like this to grace our wardrobe collection? After all, it’s the solution to all problems, answers to all desires. Let’s be uber classy with Long T-shirts.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

5 Occasions You Can Wear Evening Abayas to Stand Out

Abayas is a full-length piece of cloth, which is known to embellish a woman’s beauty. The modest Islamic wear personifies the charm of confident and dignified women with minimalistic designs in a long gown.

So, is the modest Islamic fashion apt for all occasions?

Can we look classy and dapper at the same time by wearing evening abayas?


The market for modest evening gowns has been continuously growing, with girls flaunting abayas paired with hijabs and other Islamic clothing. The coming together of people from different demographics and religion has also paved the way for modest fashion.

Here are 5 types of abayas to pick for different occasions.

Printed Ones for Office

Printed Abayas are the new classy in the range of office attires. As women employees are increasing at workplace and taking pride in modest Islamic wear, printed abayas is the best choice to look elegant and classy at the same time. The confident woman who runs the world is best portrayed with this attire.

Casuals for Lazy Saturday Afternoon

For the weekend mood, where you spend your afternoons sipping coffee and catching up on reading, where you roam around to find that new boutique, hooded, striped, plus size abayas are perfect to complement your weekend mood and are also fit for everyday use.

The Crystal and Sequin delight for Weddings

Sequin and crystal abayas are perfect for flaunting on the most important occasion in a person's life – the wedding.

The Plain or Embroidered Abayas for Date Night

Have a date night?

Compliment your mood with plain yet swanky abayas.

Laced Up with Patterned Trims for Parties

The eye catchy patterned abayas are designed to steal the limelight in every party.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Comfort Is Long Women T Shirts

Long women T shirt - comfort is thy name for nothing spells easy style and comfort at one go. And rightly so for many stay-at-house moms, going about the house hold chores in Long Tees has been a second skin. Thus, it was only important to address the problem of that chunk of women who roam around in Husband’s Tees or shirts. For ages women, have been donning various versions of T shirts with polo necks, pockets, varying sleeves, colors, and prints and yet there is still some scope left to explore with better options which are tweaked enough, keeping the female body type and styling aesthetics.

Well, the long tees do not only relegate to, in appeasing the mom squad but also extend to women of different age groups and is quite popular with teenage girls as its fluid comfort and easy fit manages to solve the perpetual question looming over everyone’s mind and that is of staple-wear. This staple -wear is also popular among the womenfolk for solving the problem of masking all those unflattering love handles on one’s body. Logo tees for women is the other alternate to those long tees and is understandably quite popular with young women. These logo tees often sport famous quotes floating in pop fiction and make for a good statement Tee. Further, these tees are often dyed in spunky colors to render a young vibe to the overall outfit as they are generally clubbed with trousers or jeans and are commonly sighted in campus corridors.

Thirdly, Long women Tee shirts factors in the need for modesty as any practicing Muslim Sister finds it easier to offer salah in sharia compliant clothes which are long enough to cover one’s bottom and do not pull up while going in sujood. Though, such long shirts do not necessarily make an ideal choice for salah, however they make up a more appropriate solution available when pressed for time. Similarly, many popular fashion motifs like the jersey style with your favorite numbers and sports trims give it an edgy push in the athleisure department.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Couture Evening Abayas

Gone are the days when it was difficult to perceive of an Abaya as a couture. For long,women had been looking for something that equated with the charm of donning a high-end couture tailored and tweaked just enough to meet midway through modesty and fashion. After all, pining for such ornate pieces in Abaya was not something out of the blue as more such pieces existed with a moniker like Dubai Abayas which boasted of rich stones and encrusted diamonds on the bodice of the dress.

One can easily notice the many Islamic motifs coming into play when we talk about Evening Abayas. Be it floor length Kaftan or Duster Bisht, the silken texture to the heavy use of chiffons and intricate floral laces on the Abayas adds the charm of owning one such beauty. Not to mention the golden trims donned in gold threads enhances the exquisite appeal of such ball gowns world over. Officially, now the lines between an ornate Evening Abaya or couture for women now are blurred as women today are more enthusiastic making experiments with their style quotient. The shimmer accent with swarovski crystals is another imperative element of such Evening Abayas. All in all, the tresses and layers spell magic on your special evenings when you become the center of attention.

Muslim fashion indeed has gone a notch higher by assimilating various contemporary motifs and crafts and fusing to give a new language to modest fashion. For Instance, a garment as simple as kaftan is adapted to give a range of other designs like kaftan Abaya, kaftan shirts, kaftan tunics, kaftan cardigans and then layered with sheer to give more depth to the outfits. The hijab also forms a major part of a Muslimah wardrobe and off late hijabs with a broad or a narrow trim on the length of the scarves are soaring in popularity as it gives a high definition to ruffled hijab looks.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Gift Your Darling Daughters the New Kids Abaya

They say mothers are the first institution from where kids learn their many ‘Firsts’.  Kids ape their mums in terms of gestures, etiquettes, words and even manage to copy the intonation of their mother’s speech. So much so that amidst many such endearing acts, one thing which remains some sort of a familiar experience for almost all mothers while their kids are fast growing is their children’s tryst by fitting into mum’s clothes and glancing themselves in the mirror. At such an impressionable stage, all these young kids want to do is to Be like mum or Act like Mum or even Dress like mums and this grows manifolds especially when one has daughters.

Young girls are impressionable indeed and look up to their mums the way they carry themselves and wearing Mommy’s dresses form a significant characteristic part of that behavior. These Girls Abayas surely stand out in the crowd given its aesthetics and play with embroideries, color motifs and style. Many a times young girls can be spotted trying to pray salah by matching movements of their mothers on the prayer-mat. Thus, gifting them one Abaya customized to their body would surely help preserve and cherish this immaculate bond of the mother-daughter while reflecting in time.

These Abayas are rendered keeping in mind the playful nature of kids and hence they come with easy to care (no-fussy) instructions. The vivid patterns in prints, color blocks, floral laces, embellishments all spell out Fancy to the ‘Y’. You could also choose from ornate intricate mesh designs or soft sheen of chiffon fabrics which come in to play while making the cut for kids Abayas. This also marks as a wonderful gifting option for young girls in lieu of Qura’n completion ceremony, or other such significant Islamic events like oral recitals or Eid celebrations, birthdays, etc. Further you’ll also come across prayer sets for Mums and daughters which tend to help instill appreciation for modesty and value it from a tender age. Thus, young girls right from a tender age get nuanced approach towards faith and a modest lifestyle.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dishdasha Remains Ever Popular in Men's Jubba

Perhaps the first love for any Emirati man with a traditional outfit has come in the garb of a Dishdasha. They are sleek, well fitted with a collar tab, adorned with cufflinks and if we could say then they are 100% on fleek. Dishdashas are traditionally white long drawn shirts with a functional button placket right at the center but with the modern day fashion esthetics these major features have gradually been replaced with minor details.

For example these days you could see many different hued Dishdashas with added utilities to make it more efficient for the modern man. You’ve had Dishadashas with front open replaced with a chain instead of a button placket to render a sporty vibe. Also, with the added minor details, a modern day men’s Dishdasha has become an amalgamation of many different features found in the middle east across the terrains of Qatar to Dubai. Yes so you do have a Qatari thobe or a Kuwaiti Dishadasha but all these account for little to no difference in their appearance.You’d notice the left side chest pocket could now come with a thread embroidery or a colored piping or a button flap depending upon the make of the thobe. Similarly, the rest of the thobe could feature piping accents or a shoulder patch of thread embroidery.

Perhaps one of the most conventional aspects of a Dishdasha which has still not lost its resonance is the  traditional head gear of a keffiyeh and Guthra. It should also be noted that this specific head-gear is not worn by non-natives generally or expats but seen in many region as a marker for respects and royalty. The keffiyeh is a rope like band to fasten or frame the head which has a Guthra- a white sheet like garment on top to ward off the heat from the head and make it bearable in the hot temperature of the tropics. There are also certain fabrics which are made especially for desert Safari- a favorite sport of the Emiratis to indulge in which makes it hard for the blazing sand to stick on the fabric owing to its tightly fastened micro thread weave.

Friday, September 16, 2016

A Closet Tour into Women's Islamic Clothing

Women’s Islamic Clothing is an umbrella term which encapsulates modest outfits specifically catered for the Muslim Women who is mandated to wear sharia implied clothes. Sharia implied clothes imply clothes which aren’t cut out to reveal parts of the body, except what is visible naturally like the face and hands, they shouldn’t be too tight to give out the shape of the woman or be too flashy or be rendered shocking colors which may grab eyeballs. There are also a couple of other keynotes that clothes shouldn’t carry an image or a picture of a living being or made out of haram material. All in all, it’s safe to say that modest clothes translate into clothes which generously cover your body.

So now that we have established modest clothes, let’s get you in on the nuances of modest dressing. If you’ve managed to catch on the Hijabi fashion wave, modest dressers these days are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to experimenting with clothes, accessories which weren’t traditionally cut out to be that way. For example, a Maxi or a Ball gown tweaked enough to copy an Abaya Gown, or a Maxi Abaya has also given us Frock Abayas. Thus we see that women Islamic clothing has come a long way from being black drab cloaks to fancy and designer renditions of a humble Abaya. Pants, palazzos, culottes, tunics and knee length blouses, long length cardigans and blazers. You also get to play ‘layering’ with your clothes and accessories. Similarly, there’ a vivid variety in terms of fabrics with Abayas are made now. Be it mixed cotton, lycra stretch, nets, frills, china silk, or even wool for cooler landscapes to acclimatize to very cold weather conditions everything seems legit as long as it accommodates comfort and modesty on the whole.

The Hijab Fashion Industry too has evolved a lot with the Millennial touch and hence High streets Hijab is very much a part of our living reality. The fresh crop of young Hijabistas show you how to add spunk and ‘cool’ quotient to your everyday outfits by experimenting with your outfits. And this could be achieved through a variety of ways like layering, mix-match, accessorizing and carrying yourself with confidence. And yes don’t forget to add that smile…smile for it’s Sunnah!