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Friday, November 18, 2016

Gift Your Darling Daughters the New Kids Abaya

They say mothers are the first institution from where kids learn their many ‘Firsts’.  Kids ape their mums in terms of gestures, etiquettes, words and even manage to copy the intonation of their mother’s speech. So much so that amidst many such endearing acts, one thing which remains some sort of a familiar experience for almost all mothers while their kids are fast growing is their children’s tryst by fitting into mum’s clothes and glancing themselves in the mirror. At such an impressionable stage, all these young kids want to do is to Be like mum or Act like Mum or even Dress like mums and this grows manifolds especially when one has daughters.

Young girls are impressionable indeed and look up to their mums the way they carry themselves and wearing Mommy’s dresses form a significant characteristic part of that behavior. These Girls Abayas surely stand out in the crowd given its aesthetics and play with embroideries, color motifs and style. Many a times young girls can be spotted trying to pray salah by matching movements of their mothers on the prayer-mat. Thus, gifting them one Abaya customized to their body would surely help preserve and cherish this immaculate bond of the mother-daughter while reflecting in time.

These Abayas are rendered keeping in mind the playful nature of kids and hence they come with easy to care (no-fussy) instructions. The vivid patterns in prints, color blocks, floral laces, embellishments all spell out Fancy to the ‘Y’. You could also choose from ornate intricate mesh designs or soft sheen of chiffon fabrics which come in to play while making the cut for kids Abayas. This also marks as a wonderful gifting option for young girls in lieu of Qura’n completion ceremony, or other such significant Islamic events like oral recitals or Eid celebrations, birthdays, etc. Further you’ll also come across prayer sets for Mums and daughters which tend to help instill appreciation for modesty and value it from a tender age. Thus, young girls right from a tender age get nuanced approach towards faith and a modest lifestyle.