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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dishdasha Remains Ever Popular in Men's Jubba

Perhaps the first love for any Emirati man with a traditional outfit has come in the garb of a Dishdasha. They are sleek, well fitted with a collar tab, adorned with cufflinks and if we could say then they are 100% on fleek. Dishdashas are traditionally white long drawn shirts with a functional button placket right at the center but with the modern day fashion esthetics these major features have gradually been replaced with minor details.

For example these days you could see many different hued Dishdashas with added utilities to make it more efficient for the modern man. You’ve had Dishadashas with front open replaced with a chain instead of a button placket to render a sporty vibe. Also, with the added minor details, a modern day men’s Dishdasha has become an amalgamation of many different features found in the middle east across the terrains of Qatar to Dubai. Yes so you do have a Qatari thobe or a Kuwaiti Dishadasha but all these account for little to no difference in their appearance.You’d notice the left side chest pocket could now come with a thread embroidery or a colored piping or a button flap depending upon the make of the thobe. Similarly, the rest of the thobe could feature piping accents or a shoulder patch of thread embroidery.

Perhaps one of the most conventional aspects of a Dishdasha which has still not lost its resonance is the  traditional head gear of a keffiyeh and Guthra. It should also be noted that this specific head-gear is not worn by non-natives generally or expats but seen in many region as a marker for respects and royalty. The keffiyeh is a rope like band to fasten or frame the head which has a Guthra- a white sheet like garment on top to ward off the heat from the head and make it bearable in the hot temperature of the tropics. There are also certain fabrics which are made especially for desert Safari- a favorite sport of the Emiratis to indulge in which makes it hard for the blazing sand to stick on the fabric owing to its tightly fastened micro thread weave.