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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

When You Go Preggers, Head For Cheap Maternity Clothes Online

Now we know there are probably gazillions things on the mind of a pregnant woman owing to the stress, and crazy hormones acting up, but one thing which tops the chart is her constant struggle to find a decent pair of maternity -wear where there’s a lot of room for the movements and something that does not give her a hulk-like appearance. Psychologically too, clothes impact the mood swings of the lady carrying the child and hence designers try and come up with fancy themes and colours to infuse feelings of warmth and reflect femininity without rendering a shabby look. For instance the countdown T-shirt has been a real rage this year with the labour month chart printed on the top facilitating ample space to strike off the days of the birth month. This is indeed is all feels isn’t?

Taking cue, from the warm fuzzy feelings to surround a birthing mother, Expectant mothers are also found exercising choices in different comfort –wear. So whether it be a maxi dress or elastic maternity pants, there’s a plethora of comfort clothes for pregnant women made available in the market. Moreover, more and more industries regarding birthing mothers or nursing mothers are opening up indigenously which cater to the needs of a woman spoiled with options from the right maternity-wear to the baby’s clothes, toys or food. For many, budget constraints have now been dealt with because all the fancy maternity –wear too is available at competitive prices in the market. Further, if you still aren’t quite satisfied with the retail experience you could search for cheap maternity clothes online as there are plenty of good options to choose from which befits every wallet or purse. A fancy way to bid good-bye to the post partum depression, isn’t after all retail therapy according to women is the best therapy...

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Start Young with Girl’s Abayas

Don’t you find it adorable when you see young girls decked up with a headscarf or an Abaya – a seemingly familiar sight on those special days of festivities like Eid! Many Mothers while raising their young daughters often have found it hard to get a modest wear for their girls when teaching the core value of modesty. Many a times mothers have to resort to their own DIY while teaching Namaaz for the lack of any suitable ‘go-to’ dress. Realizing the need of the hour, there are many companies investing their ideas in such garments.

Abaya for kids are now a days readily available- a trend which is in rage these days and is now, not only relegated to the Middle Eastern quarters but has moved internationally and into the heart of America and England where such kids could be easily seen sporting these. (All thanks to the E-tailers available to lap up such demands.) Moreover, these Abayas have also found a firm footing in the age groups ranging from pre-teens to late –teens. It starts as a pre-cursor to adapt to comfortable clothing and a good learning practice towards modest dressing in helping to understand ethics and sensibilities. Given the fact these girls are young, there’s always a constant attempt to make the clothes a lil’ bit more endearing to wear....

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How About Some Islamic Scarf Today?

Seriously, is there any woman out there who doesn’t own a scarf? I mean you don’t have to be a fashion veteran or be doing the rounds of fashion corridors to realize its importance. Scarves tend to add grace, to your ensemble plus act as a part of the layer scheme providing more depth to define your look. Period!

They have been a part of almost all iconic fashionistas’ must have list. Talking about the English women  styling it earlier, it got adorned over the statement hats if not the nape of their neck. Be it belting it as a fabric tie to clinch waist or being worn out as a camouflaged muffler, scarves have plenty of reasons to make it to your wardrobe list, if they haven’t already and the reasons are other than the obvious styling and utility. For the uninitiated, you could Google the YouTube videos on top 10 or top 30 ways to style your scarf videos, and you’ll know what I mean. Winks!

And perhaps that’s the reason owing to its versatility that it has had many takers from all parts of the world resonating with women’s innate fashion call. The Muslim women too wear the scarf but as a hijab i.e. head covering which adequately covers their hair. The Islamic scarf for women is retailed a bit differently with different assigned patterns, lengths and material which come under the banner of halal dressing. In simple words motifs which are deemed Islamic or halal!

Like for one, we know that the set patterns do not have to have any facial representation as it goes against the tenets of halal dress code nor should bear any picture of anything living or dead. Such women’s scarves also bear a good length for ample coverage of hair and borne out of material which usually is not a ‘slip affair’ on the head. (Just imagine the multiple pins on the head to help tuck in a chiffon scarf on the head and nonetheless we still have many takers for Pashminas, and such is the irony) I guess it’s also imperative that I point out that Islamic scarves have a propensity towards eastern prints and fabrics with the orientlist elements being reproduced time and again. So you’ll easily find a pashmina with a rich Egyptian embroidery or a cotton scarf with a tie & dye dual print. Time you fancy a new scarf, eh?

Friday, December 4, 2015

Summers, Tan & Salwar Suits

Salwar kameez is probably a term you must have been cognizant with by now, coz it’s not only a staple attire for most of the ladies in the south Asiatic belt of India, Pakistan & Bangladesh (or at least was, until some years ago) but is also globally recognized quite contrary to its humble beginnings. It is an indigenous rendering of a traditional Persian attire which gradually got a regional stamp with different cultures thriving along the belt. Today, you could easily see many varied renditions of salwar suits globally in the works of Middle Eastern designers toying with the idea of pallazo pants and shirt –tunics in their creations. So much so that even many International celebrities have donned this attire for the sheer love for this outfit. Do you still remember the iconic picture of Princess Diana in a golden salwar suit while dating a Pakistani surgeon, do you?

And coming back to our discussion, the latest fad to hit the desi- community is of long shirt dresses or salwars along with Pallazo Pants -courtesy Pakistan

But by all means none can discount the utility of salwar kameez suits. For the lack of a better word, there’s nothing which can give you the triple advantages of modesty, comfort and style all rolled into one. The scarf or ‘dupatta’ as we call it forms the third part of the outfit which is either styled on head, chest, scarved around the neck or completely done away with as per the preference of the wearer. However, its mass popularity could also be linked to the geographical location of these countries. Given the fact that south Asia especially the aforementioned countries fall in the combination of sub-tropics and sub- temperate regions, the summers weather brutally harsh on the people of this belt. And that is precisely the reason there’s an upscale in sale of cotton salwar kameez during summers...

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Make Room for Plus Size Clothing in Islamic Wear

With every other day, a news bulletin running a story on body-image issues of teen-age girls and sometimes pre-teens starving themselves to death to get the perfect hour-glass figure or the growing obesity in young kids of European and Asian nation makes one wonder for how long this food-paradox would continue? These extreme cases of bulimia and obesity have now taken a toll on the psyche of young and old. The internalized guilt of ‘not being too thin’ enough to fit into a certain size gets further triggered owing to the rampant commercialization in food and clothing. The size zero phenomenon does in no way help towards positive body image building

One is left to wonder, why the hour-glass ‘stick figures’ are only allowed to walk the ramp in fashion shows, even though it’s a far fetched picture of the normal body mass index recommended by doctors. As per psychologists Two in ten cases of depression are related to people who are not satisfied with their body –type and hence resort to many malpractices to satiate their conscience. It’s only lately that corporates have woken up to realize the crying needs of these people owing to the collaborated efforts of NGO’s and growing protests by self-help groups world over.

Little comes to surprise that when the general masses suffer through the problem of outfits not available in adequate sizes then there’s almost negligible solace left of plus sizers in Islamic –wear community. More often than not, this neglected lot has to come up with certain DIY tricks to satiate the fashion-bug in them. It’s either the top is too tight or the neck –line is too low for the women who are modest dressers. Moreover, not every garment in the store could be classified into the halaal category. The Islamic plus sizers also have to deal with the exorbitant prices of certain garments which are both halal and available as plus size Islamic clothing is still a small market and needs ample recognition, so the industry which recognizes the niche is cashing on the poor victims of a further marginalized lot...

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