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Monday, December 19, 2016

Couture Evening Abayas

Gone are the days when it was difficult to perceive of an Abaya as a couture. For long,women had been looking for something that equated with the charm of donning a high-end couture tailored and tweaked just enough to meet midway through modesty and fashion. After all, pining for such ornate pieces in Abaya was not something out of the blue as more such pieces existed with a moniker like Dubai Abayas which boasted of rich stones and encrusted diamonds on the bodice of the dress.

One can easily notice the many Islamic motifs coming into play when we talk about Evening Abayas. Be it floor length Kaftan or Duster Bisht, the silken texture to the heavy use of chiffons and intricate floral laces on the Abayas adds the charm of owning one such beauty. Not to mention the golden trims donned in gold threads enhances the exquisite appeal of such ball gowns world over. Officially, now the lines between an ornate Evening Abaya or couture for women now are blurred as women today are more enthusiastic making experiments with their style quotient. The shimmer accent with swarovski crystals is another imperative element of such Evening Abayas. All in all, the tresses and layers spell magic on your special evenings when you become the center of attention.

Muslim fashion indeed has gone a notch higher by assimilating various contemporary motifs and crafts and fusing to give a new language to modest fashion. For Instance, a garment as simple as kaftan is adapted to give a range of other designs like kaftan Abaya, kaftan shirts, kaftan tunics, kaftan cardigans and then layered with sheer to give more depth to the outfits. The hijab also forms a major part of a Muslimah wardrobe and off late hijabs with a broad or a narrow trim on the length of the scarves are soaring in popularity as it gives a high definition to ruffled hijab looks.