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Friday, December 4, 2015

Summers, Tan & Salwar Suits

Salwar kameez is probably a term you must have been cognizant with by now, coz it’s not only a staple attire for most of the ladies in the south Asiatic belt of India, Pakistan & Bangladesh (or at least was, until some years ago) but is also globally recognized quite contrary to its humble beginnings. It is an indigenous rendering of a traditional Persian attire which gradually got a regional stamp with different cultures thriving along the belt. Today, you could easily see many varied renditions of salwar suits globally in the works of Middle Eastern designers toying with the idea of pallazo pants and shirt –tunics in their creations. So much so that even many International celebrities have donned this attire for the sheer love for this outfit. Do you still remember the iconic picture of Princess Diana in a golden salwar suit while dating a Pakistani surgeon, do you?

And coming back to our discussion, the latest fad to hit the desi- community is of long shirt dresses or salwars along with Pallazo Pants -courtesy Pakistan

But by all means none can discount the utility of salwar kameez suits. For the lack of a better word, there’s nothing which can give you the triple advantages of modesty, comfort and style all rolled into one. The scarf or ‘dupatta’ as we call it forms the third part of the outfit which is either styled on head, chest, scarved around the neck or completely done away with as per the preference of the wearer. However, its mass popularity could also be linked to the geographical location of these countries. Given the fact that south Asia especially the aforementioned countries fall in the combination of sub-tropics and sub- temperate regions, the summers weather brutally harsh on the people of this belt. And that is precisely the reason there’s an upscale in sale of cotton salwar kameez during summers...

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