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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Comfort Is Long Women T Shirts

Long women T shirt - comfort is thy name for nothing spells easy style and comfort at one go. And rightly so for many stay-at-house moms, going about the house hold chores in Long Tees has been a second skin. Thus, it was only important to address the problem of that chunk of women who roam around in Husband’s Tees or shirts. For ages women, have been donning various versions of T shirts with polo necks, pockets, varying sleeves, colors, and prints and yet there is still some scope left to explore with better options which are tweaked enough, keeping the female body type and styling aesthetics.

Well, the long tees do not only relegate to, in appeasing the mom squad but also extend to women of different age groups and is quite popular with teenage girls as its fluid comfort and easy fit manages to solve the perpetual question looming over everyone’s mind and that is of staple-wear. This staple -wear is also popular among the womenfolk for solving the problem of masking all those unflattering love handles on one’s body. Logo tees for women is the other alternate to those long tees and is understandably quite popular with young women. These logo tees often sport famous quotes floating in pop fiction and make for a good statement Tee. Further, these tees are often dyed in spunky colors to render a young vibe to the overall outfit as they are generally clubbed with trousers or jeans and are commonly sighted in campus corridors.

Thirdly, Long women Tee shirts factors in the need for modesty as any practicing Muslim Sister finds it easier to offer salah in sharia compliant clothes which are long enough to cover one’s bottom and do not pull up while going in sujood. Though, such long shirts do not necessarily make an ideal choice for salah, however they make up a more appropriate solution available when pressed for time. Similarly, many popular fashion motifs like the jersey style with your favorite numbers and sports trims give it an edgy push in the athleisure department.