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Monday, February 23, 2015

Shop Online and Explore the Endless Options of plus Size Islamic Clothing

It is the dream of every woman to look gorgeous irrespective of her body size and shape. This is possible only when clothes of the right size are selected. For plus size women, finding stylish clothes of the appropriate fit was a challenging task, but not anymore! The introduction of online shopping has given all the plus size women a chance to select plus size clothes that fit properly and are designed according to the latest fashion trends. If you too are looking for plus size Islamic clothing options, make sure you browse through various online shopping sites and explore the endless options available. Let us have a look at why shopping online for plus size Islamic outfits is better than shopping from retail stores:
  • Availability of options: Most retail stores do not stock up too many plus size clothes as there is not much demand for the same. When you go to a retail store, you get only limited options and you end up making a choice from the few options available, irrespective of whether you like it or not. However, if you opt for online shopping, you can browse through a plethora of clothing options. You can conveniently browse through all the categories without stepping out of your home.
  • No more embarrassment: While all the other people in a retail store ask for regular size clothing, asking for plus size clothes might be embarrassing for some ladies. By shopping online, you will not have to feel embarrassed anymore as no one would be staring at you and you can conveniently sit and browse through the plus size section.
  • Take the help of the sizing chart: If the retail store does not give you the option of trying out the outfit, assessing the measurement and fit of the outfit might be a challenging task. Online shopping sites provide you a sizing chart that can help you in choosing the outfit according to your measurements. Once you choose outfits according to the sizing chart, you can be assured that the clothes will fit you in good order.....

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fashionable Islamic Clothing for Men: Not a Dream Anymore

Like women, even men love getting dressed fashionably. However, for many years, the clothing options for Islamic men were limited and there was not much they could do about it but, times have changed now and every Muslim man has an equal chance to dress up fashionably. By fashionable we do not mean not following the dressing rules and regulations of Islam. An ideal men Islamic clothing is one which is trendy yet designed according to the rules and regulations of Islam. Today, one can find a huge variety of stylish Islamic clothes in various colors and designs.

The General Rules of Clothing That Must Be Followed by Every Muslim Man
No matter how stylish and trendy Islamic dresses for men are available in the market or on online shopping stores, there are certain rules that must be always kept in mind. The clothes that must be worn must be modest, should not be body hugging, should be made of thick material so that the shape of the body is not visible. Also, Muslim men cannot wear gold jewelery.

How to Choose Fashionable Islamic Clothes
-Conduct a thorough research before buying any outfit. Choose garments that have been designed fashionably but abide by the rules of Islamic clothing.

-There is no harm in trying out outfits incorporating different designs. The only thing that must be kept in mind is that the image of any living creature should not be imprinted in your garment. Apart from this, you can wear clothes having any design.

-To look stylish, you can choose traditional clothes that have been transformed and given a new look altogether. Choose clothes that have been designed using buttons, cuffs, collars, piping, pockets etc.....

Read More at : https://storify.com/eastessence/fashionableislamic-clothing-for-men-not-a-dream

Monday, February 16, 2015

Maternity Clothes: Cheap yet a Fashionable Choice

Finding pregnant ladies struggling with their clothes is one common sight we often spot. A growing belly not only makes the pregnant woman conscious, but also makes her feel out of fashion. Bringing an end to this problem is the availability of clothes for pregnant women. Choosing the right kind of maternity clothes can help you save money and at the same time can make you look fashionable and trendy even during pregnancy. Here are some economical options that you choose as maternity clothing options.
  • Choose stretchable garments: Investing in a top, jacket, blazer is a great option as these garments can be worn even after you have delivered your little bundle of joy. Make sure that the garment you choose is made of a stretchable material, so that it can accommodate your growing belly and can be used at a later stage too. Also ensure that you choose a long sleeved top, jacket or blazer as keeping the hands covered is essential in Islam.
  • Choose outfits made of at least 5% spandex: If you choose a garment made of cotton they might shrink on being washed and it might be difficult for you to wear the garment. Try and choose garments that are made up of at least 5% spandex. This material will expand with your growing belly and once you are through with your pregnancy, you can use the garment again.
  • Opt for flowy dresses: Choosing flowy garments can help you hide your baby bump. Moreover, since Muslim women are not allowed to wear body hugging clothes, flowy dresses are a great option for them. The only factor that needs to be kept in mind is that the length of the dress must be enough to cover the entire legs and the dress must be long sleeved.....

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wear Your Hijab Fashionably Using Hijab Accessories

Covering the head is one of the essentials of Islamic clothing rules and regulations and Hijabs play a vital role in the same. For years, people thought wearing a Hijab was a necessity, but today, with the plethora of options available, this clothing option has become more of a style statement. Gone are the days when women used to drape plain Hijabs. Today, the availability of various styles, colors and designs is giving women a chance to experiment with the Hijab fashion. Adding even more grace and charm to these Hijabs are the Hijab accessories.

Use of Hijab accessories
Even though Muslim women have limited fashionable clothing options, every woman wishes to look gorgeous in whatever she wears. Today, Hijabs of various patterns and colors are available, but the plain and simple ones look the best. But this does not mean that one needs to drape only the plain looking Hijabs. These Hijabs can be beautified and accessorized using Hijab accessories. Here is a styling guide for all the ladies who wear Hijabs.

How to use Hijab accessories
  • Drape your Hijab in a simple style by first placing it on top of your head and leaving one end longer than the other. Take hold of the shorter end while you drape the longer end round the chin and then around your head.
  • Once this is done, it is time to accessorize your Hijab. One of the most popular Hijab accessory is a Hijab pin. When the Hijab has been draped firmly, all you need to do is place the Hijab pin on top of the Hijab, and you are done! This will give your Hijab an appealing and fashionable look.
  • Apart from Hijab pins, you can also make use of jewelry like necklaces and bracelets and decorate your Hijab. A necklace can be used as an embellishment around the head's crown. By tying the necklace under the Hijab, only a part of the necklace or the pendant will be visible.
  • Another style to use a necklace as a Hijab accessory is by wearing it round your head. This will look like a headband and will give you a stylish look.
  • Bows, flowers, chains and beads are some other Hijab accessories one can opt for. Not only do they look beautiful, but also keep the Hijab secured.
By using the above mentioned Hijab accessories, you can transform your plain and simple Hijab into a super stylish one.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Islamic Swimming Suits Depicting Modesty, Decency, Comfort and Fashion

As per Islamic law, it is necessary for a Muslim woman to cover her body, except the face and the hands, in front of the general public, specially men to whom marriage is not permitted. It is also an obligation for all Muslim men to dress modestly as per the Islamic traditions. Under these circumstances, there has always been a great controversy related to what the Muslims should wear while swimming. Do you think, Muslim men and women refrain from swimming due to the restrictions imposed on their clothing as per the religion? The answer is “No”. A Muslim man or a woman can enjoy the best times at a beach or a swimming pool just like people of other religions but with some negotiations on their dressing part. The situation basically highlights the essence of negotiation in a multicultural society.

Yes, it is true that they cannot wear the appropriate skin revealing swimming costumes or a regular swimwear as per the dressing norms of their religion. But this does not mean that they cannot enjoy swimming in the scorching summer heat. They need to get the Islamic swimming suit or swimwear which is modest and decent, and as per the Islamic religion. Nowadays, the various special retail Islamic stores and the online Islamic stores have in their shelves different kinds of Islamic modest swimwear and clothes relevant to girls and boys who want to swim.

Usually, the most common design of a swimwear for a Muslim woman is like a complete body suit, made of water proof material and covering the entire body from neck to toe. This swimming costume also comes with a swimming cap, like a skull cap or Hijab that keeps the hair covered.....

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