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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Islamic Fashion: Changes and Developments

Having been steadily accepted for several years and getting consistent support from some of the most popular fashion icons, Islamic clothing tradition today has a significant place in the world of fashion. Several top international institutes have established the fact that Arabic and Islamic fashion greatly influence the global fashion industry today.

According to recent studies, worth of international Islamic fashion industry is estimated to be about USD 96 billion, based on the assumption that at least USD120 is spent on modest clothing every year by over 1.6 billion Muslims across the world. Today people explore Islamic fashion online as well.

Owing to its expansion and growth in recent past, Muslim middle class has stepped into Western society. People from this class have become fashion-conscious and thus are more particular about their dressing sense. Muslim men and women today get educated and choose professions. Some of them even set up their own businesses. To complement their contemporary lifestyle, these people have adopted modernism and have added a touch of Islamic tradition to it.

Some Popular Outfits in Islamic Fashion

Kurtis and Kurtas

Kurtis and kurtas are evergreen outfits worn by Muslims on countless occasions. These normally extend till the knee of wearer. While kurtis are worn by women, men wear kurtas. These can be teamed with a pair of loose trousers or jeans.


Abayas are popular outfits worn by Muslim women. These are ankle-length dresses which suit almost any look. Abayas are available in several different styles. Most popular among these styles is the kaftan abaya with front knot. Kaftan refers to loose sleeves resembling wings of a butterfly. Second most popular style of abayas is the one having long sleeves and multiple layers. Some women also wear abayas with multiple folds. These loose-fitting outfits are normally paired hijabs of matching color.


Jilbabs are ankle-length dresses similar to abayas. The only difference is that these garments have buttons on the front. Hence these can be worn like coats.


Hijab is a scarf that covers the head and neck of wear. Sometimes it extends till the waist. There are many types of hijab such as niqab, shayla and al amira.

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