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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Various Styles in Islamic Tunics for Women

Muslim women love to try new outfits and owning an outfit that is in vogue is the dream of every woman. One such outfit that is in fashion is an Islamic tunic. These tunics are ideal for every Muslim woman as they look stylish and at the same time abide by the rules of Islam. Tunics can be teamed with a pair of trousers, jeans, skirts or even leggings. A wide range of tunics are available in the market and you can select one according to your requirement. The simple tunics are ideal for daily basis and the fashionable ones can be worn during occasions.  Let us have a look at some of the styles available in Islamic tunics for women.

-Various length of sleeves:
Tunics having various sleeve lengths are available in the market. The length of the sleeves might range from short, three-quarter, capped to long. The overall look of a tunic majorly depends on the type of sleeves. A tunic with full sleeves is ideal for a Muslim woman as they must keep their arms covered. If you are willing to try out a tunic with short or three-quarter sleeves, you can wear a thin full sleeve top under the tunic and give it a new look. This will make you look stylish and at the same time modest too.

-Collar: If you are willing to wear a tunic for a formal occasion, the best pick can be a collared tunic. From among the tunics having collars, you can opt for a stand up collar or flat collar. However, out of these two, the stand up or straight collar gives a more formal look.....

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Traditional Jubba vs Modern Day Jubba: Islamic Clothing for Men

One of the highly admired garments for Islamic men is Jubba. People in Islamic countries wear ankle-length garment, with long sleeves which is similar to a robe. Generally this one-piece Islamic clothing for men is worn as an upper garment and the Jubba is a traditional Muslim wear. However, with the changing fashion and time, today, various styles of Jubbas are available in the market. Besides styles, this traditional piece has undergone various designs in order to offer a trendy wear to the men. Though Jubba is now available in trendy designs, traditional form remains the same. Moreover, traditional Jubbas were only made with cotton fabric, white colour, long and loose.

Nonetheless, these days’ Jubbas are available in different types of materials, such as cotton-mix, silk, rayon, polyester and wool. Besides, Jubbas are also found in synthetic blends for a wrinkle-free and easy-to-wash option. These Jubbas can also be availed in varied styles and colours as the traditional one has been replaced by black, beige, grey, brown, blue and navy blue colours, among others.

Along with religious occasions, these are worn for a variety of formal functions, special occasions and as a regular wear. For special occasions, Jubbas are available with embroidery and sequins work in both bright and light colours. The plain looking Jubbas are highlighted with pockets, zippers, buttons and piping in order to give it a formal look. Though the traditional Jubbas were only loose-fitting garments, these days Jubbas can be customised and tailor-made as per the requirement of the wearer. Also, these are available in body fitted robe. Rounded neck Jubbas, collared Jubbas, polo neck, hooded, half sleeves and various other types of Jubbas can be found in the market.

If you are worried about getting stylish Jubbas, then don’t worry. You can simply opt for online shopping as a wide-variety of Jubbas, along with other Islamic clothing for men, is available on the shopping websites. You can read about the material, see the colour and get all the details before ordering one. These websites make sure to offer you different ranges of Jubbas to suit all the occasions. Jubbas are also available for older people and kids. Moreover, you need not to worry about the payment, as you can simply use safe payment gateway or cash on delivery option.

So, don’t stick to your boring clothing, instead go for some modernisation with tradition. These Jubbas are a perfect blend of tradition, style and a lot of variations.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Attributes of an Ideal Islamic Swimwear

An ideal swimwear should be one that allows a Muslim women to comfortably participate in aqua sports and at the same time should be modest. Therefore, certain points are there which are to be kept in mind while buying a swimwear.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Jilbabs and Abayas in Wide Variety of Designs Exclusively for Fashionable Muslim Women

A woman likes to maintain her own style statement, whether she is a housewife or a professional woman. A woman with a sense of fashion and also by following her culture and tradition can help herself in creating a personality that sets her apart from men and that gives her an identity. It is not always good looks that create a personality. Clothes also play a major role in making a person look good and presentable. As per Muslim customs and traditions and the Islamic religion, women are supposed to wear clothes that cover their entire body. That is why, Jilbabs and Abayas are the most popular forms of clothing for Muslim women...

...With online shopping, choosing Jilbabs and Abayas from a wide collection is all the more easy. You can buy Jilbabs online. You will find a whole assortment of Abayas for Islamic women in varied colours, prints and materials not only in the retail shops but also in the online shops. While traditionally, these were available in black colour, nowadays they are available in varied colours like burgundy, lilac, green, pink and teal, along with different styles and patterns and with ruffles on the neckline and sleeves. Also embroidery works, sequins works, the varied prints, detail pinstripe work on cuffs, bold or subtle colours, make them look gorgeous and are suitable to worn in parties and marriages. The best part is that these dresses provide elegance and sophisticated look, while retaining the culture and tradition. Today, Jilbabs are considered highly fashionable outfits, though they are worn over other garments. In recent times, there has been a great demand for trendy and elegant Jilbabs for day to day wear and special occasions. With the right accessories, shoes or handbag, any Muslim woman can create the right impression in the public by wearing a Jilbab or an Abaya.

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