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Monday, March 30, 2015

Ways to Look Classy in Islamic Scarves

An impressive style statement does not necessarily need flashy accessories. A simple Islamic scarf is far more fashionable than it seems. Known by the traditional name "Hijab", this scarf can be teamed up with most of your outfits, adding a modish appeal to your modest look. However, by picking the wrong shade, you may end up looking weird with the scarf. Here are some useful tips for choosing the apt color and also know about how you can drape these scarf in different styles.

Pick a shade that matches your personality:

While the black and gray shades hold their importance, you can go for prismatic hues for a more blissful look. Choose vibrant shades if you have a bold personality. On the contrary, if you are more of a reserved person, wear scarves of muted tones. Make sure that the rest of your outfit complements the scarf.

Consider your eye color:

While wearing a hijab, it is preferable to choose a color that accentuates your eyes. Violet, blue and teal are a fine match for brown eyes. Bright green eyes can be complemented well by beautiful shades like pink, peach and red colors.

Wearing the scarf in certain particular ways can make women look classy. Here are some superb styles of draping the scarf.

Style 1:

This is the most common way of wearing the Islamic scarf. It works best with a square-shaped scarf made of lightweight fabric like satin or cotton. In winters, you can opt for wool scarves. Two scarf pins will be required to secure the scarf. Fold the scarf along the diagonal to make it triangular. Place it on your head, keeping the longest side of the triangle at front, and the third corner at the back. Use the pin to join the two sides just below your chin. Bring the tails opposite to each other around your neck and pin them together at the back of your head. Adjust the scarf accordingly, so that it stays secure. You can wear the scarf in this style while going for work or while attending college....

Read More at : http://articles.abilogic.com/74714/ways-look-classy-islamic-scarves.html

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Glance at the Different Styles and Types of Maternity Abayas

Abayas are specially designed to meet the needs of Muslim moms and they are available at numerous online stores, as well as retail outlets. They are trendy, casual and comfortable, just perfect for the modern Muslim women, who in addition to being stylish, want to maintain tradition and modesty in their dressing style.

Following are different styles of maternity abayas that work both during pregnancy, as well as after birth:

Butterfly Abayas: In this style of abayas, a seam is stitched into the fabric, which brings excess fabric on the sides, creating a wavy look for the garment. The seams are easily adjustable, as the previous seam can be removed and a new one can be stitched either outside or inside the previous seam. They are highly preferred by pregnant Muslim women as the seams can be altered according to the space requirement on the waist or hips, during the different stages of pregnancy. They can also be brought back to the original size after pregnancy.

Bisht Abayas: This type of abayas have an open width and are very loose, as the waist measures around 100 inches. It can be worn by slim as well as full-figured pregnant women. The open width of the garment makes it comfortable to be worn during the entire duration of pregnancy. Altering the dress is not required. Another important benefit is that there is an abundance of fabric in the garment and it is designed in a way that tones down the size of the belly, making a woman look slimmer. This abaya can be worn even after pregnancy, as it doesn't give the appearance of a maternity abaya.

Shoulder Close Abayas: These abayas are very popular and are sometimes preferred over the other two. Shoulder close abayas have an open design. A piece of fabric is attached to the shoulder and it can be wrapped around the front, giving it a closed look. As the abaya is open, it is flexible around the waist and hip area. The fabric can be loosened as the pregnancy progresses.

Maternity abayas are loose fitting with easy front openings and they come in a wide range of colors. Along with other features that make the clothing more convenient and comfortable for pregnant ladies and new moms, they are also available in V-Necks and long zippers. These abayas will fit a lady throughout her pregnancy, as her belly keeps growing.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Islamic Thobes: Taking Islamic Fashion to the next Level

Thobe is a favorite traditional dress that provides an unique identity to Muslim men. Thobes are also called Dishdasha, Suriyah or Kandura in different parts of the world. One can avail thobes in varied lengths depending on his requirement. The short thobes are a symbol of modesty. On the other hand, long thobes exhibit royalty and elite status of the wearer. The most preferred fabric used for designing a thobe is cotton. Woolen material is also used for designing Islamic thobes for men, that are worn by men during the winter season. Apart from cotton and wool, thobes are also designed using georgette, polyester and other light fabrics. Lighter fabric thobes are comparatively casual in terms of look. These are normally worn by the wearers on a daily basis.

Men in different Islamic countries wear thobes in their own typical style. These full-length apparels offer versatility to the wearer. An Islamic thobe for men can be made using both embroidered as well as printed fabric. The most striking feature of a thobe is its  sparkling embroidery around the neck and the cuffs. Some formal thobes come with sequins that give a special look to the garment. Formal thobes are a little expensive and are thus worn by rich men on special occasions like wedding, Eid etc. One can distinguish a thobe style on the basis of its design and cut.

Across the world, there is an availability of different types of thobes. Just like shirts, you will find some thobes having collars, and each sleeve of these thobes is designed with buttons at the cuff. Also, to give the thobes an attractive and appealing look, buttons are placed in the middle of the garment. To further enhance the appearance of the garment, designers have detailed the same with a chest pocket. Muslim men generally wear a flannel shirt underneath the thobe. This flannel shirt is usually a cotton t-shirt of white color. These shirt-like thobes are worn along with long and loose white pants.....

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fashion Updates in Islamic Clothing for Summer

The trends in Islamic clothing go through a lot of changes and one needs to be updated with those. Islamic clothing for women is no longer just a means to depict their religion, but also a classy fashion statement. Having the modesty still intact, these dresses look a lot trendier today. They can further be complemented with catchy accessories, beautiful jewelry and trendy footwear like flats, sandals and high heels.   

Women have a lot of options to try with Islamic clothing. Some of the clothing staples can be worn in a much more stylish manner. Here are some trendy ways to wear Islamic clothing for summer.
  • Maxi Dresses: Summer is the perfect time to wear maxi dresses. You can team these with shiny jewelry to glam up the look. For a more casual look, these can be paired with a jacket and flat sandals. You can also cover it up at the top with a boxy spring jacket or a long cardigan.
  • Tunics: Tunics are a popular trend during the summers. Sheer linen or lightweight cotton is the ideal fabric. You can wear a long tunic as a dress. Another option is to wear it as a shirt and team it with lightweight silk pants.
  • Hijabs: A traditional veil to cover the head and chest, hijab has become an appealing aspect in Islamic clothing for women. It keeps your head cool during summers. The printed ones are more popular these days. For an edgy look, wear a python-print hijab with any desired outfit. Silk, chiffon and handwoven bamboo are the suitable fabrics.
  • Neutral Pants: Black, White or Khaki-colored pants are good enough to match almost anything. There are many varieties such as brocade, lace-cut embroidery and wide-leg pants. For summer, lighter shades and lightweight fabrics are more preferable. 
  • Caftans: Just like tunics, caftans too can be worn as long-sleeved shirts or as a complete dress. Stylish in look and comfortable to wear, caftans look modest. It is better to choose a lightweight fabric like cotton, to keep the body cool. A caftan with a beaded print is best for day look. For the evening look, you can add a trendy belt to the same. 
  • Long skirts: These are a staple in Islamic clothing for women. Team these with long-sleeved tops, beautiful earrings, stylish flats or sandals and a sleek hijab for a chic look. Long skirts can be worn for multiple occasions.