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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Islamic T-Shirts- Modest yet Trendy Muslim Fashion

Modernization has undoubtedly changed even the most trivial things in daily life and fashion is one of those aspects, which has seen a tremendous change. Fashion influences our choice of accessories and clothing. With a sound fashion sense, it is also necessary to choose clothes that give comfort and allow free movement. Eventually, comfort and style go hand in hand, describing the personality of an individual. And, clothing also shows the comfort level and consequently, the confidence of a person.

When we talk about Islamic clothing, not only are they required to look modest and conform to the established norms of Islamic attire, but they also need to look sophisticated. Designers have come up with the perfect blend of tradition and fashion, while creating clothes for the Muslims. There is a lot to choose from in case you want to wear Muslim western clothing that is fashionable yet modest.

Lot of people going out for daily outdoor activities are not able to take out time to purchase Islamic clothing, which suit different occasions and therefore end up wearing the same clothes to casual, as well as formal gatherings. There are various formal and semi-formal attires for men in Islam and they include Islamic T-shirts. These T-shirts are differently styled and designed to suit different people and they can be worn with a pair of Islamic pants, in color tones such as black, beige, white, cream, etc, for semi-formal occasions. These T-shirts are long, loose fitted and are available in an assortment of colors. When they are paired with denims, the attire has a simplified charm and the person wearing it is ready for a casual outing. Islamic T-shirts are mostly available in cotton or mixed cottons, to give the garment a breathable nature. These T-shirts provide you with a simple and casual look for everyday wear. They are perfect for different occasions like a casual meetings, semi-formal parties and can also be a comfortable clothing while traveling.....

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wearing Layers beneath a Coat: The Safest Way to Survive Winters

Thick fog and cold wave are the talk of the town, but even amidst this situation, women can never comprise on dressing up fashionably. The market is loaded with numerous wool jackets and winter coats for women and you can get dressed in a fashionable jacket or a coat of your choice. You want to look fashionable but are bothered about what will happen if even after wearing a jacket or a coat, you will feel cold? Worry not, just layer it up! Yes, that’s right. Wearing layers beneath a coat is one of the safest ways to survive winters. If you are thinking that wearing too many layers might make you look heavy, here is a guide that can help you get dressed in the right manner.
  • Base layer: The best way to start dressing is by wearing a warmer. Choose a warmer that is thin so that you can easily wear more layers on top of it. If you choose a warmer that is thick, you will appear plump when you wear more layers over it. Also, make sure that the warmer you wear has full length sleeves, so that you are well-protected from the cold. Also, to stay warm, you can wear leg warmer or leggings. Once you wear this, you can easily wear jeans or salwaar over it.
  • Mid layer: The mid layer covering should be light as this is the layer between the base layer and the insulating layer. Since both the base layer and the insulating layers are extremely warm, it is of utmost importance to choose an outfit that is light and not too warm. A light full-sleeved t-shirt is a great choice for the mid layer.....

Friday, January 16, 2015

A Look at the Various Materials Used for Making Clutch Bags

Clutch bags have gained immense popularity as they look stylish and are extremely easy to carry. A clutch is a perfect accessory and can be teamed up with any outfit. Whether you want to carry a clutch to work or to a party, you can never go wrong on this. There is an availability of a huge variety of clutch bags online. One can find clutches of various colors, sizes and different materials. One thing that must be kept in mind is that you choose a clutch made of a material that you can carry easily and also, it must be ideal according to the occasion. Let us have a look at the various materials used for making clutch bags.
  • Cotton clutch bags: Cotton clutches are priced very reasonably and are ideal for everyday use. Mostly, this fabric is printed and is available in various patterns and colors. The most common patterns available in cotton clutches are floral patterns, stripes and polka dots, to name just a few. Some clutches are decorated with embellishments like beads, embroidery, stones etc. These clutches are extremely light in weight, but they may not be extremely durable if compared to clutches made of other materials.
  • Velvet clutch bags: Velvet clutches look elegant and have a soft yet shiny texture. These clutches are generally adorned with huge colored stones and are perfect for the wedding season. If you have to attend a grand party, you can flaunt your velvet clutch and add grace and charm to your attire. These clutches are available in various colors, so you can choose a clutch that matches your outfit.
  • Satin clutch bags: If you want a glamorous look, go for satin clutches. Satin is slippery and shiny and these clutches are a great choice if you have to attend a party. These clutches look fragile, so make sure you do not overstuff your valuables into the clutch. A bulging clutch looks untidy and will ruin your overall appearance.
  • Silk clutch bags: Silk provides a sense of royalty and richness. Clutches made of silk look extremely beautiful and can be carried with any outfit. Not only do these clutches look elegant, but are also long lasting. Also, not much needs to be done for their care. All you need to do is wipe the surface of the clutch with a damp cloth and it will remain like new for years.
  • Nylon clutches: Nylon clutches are one of the most durable clutches and are a great choice for women looking for a durable clutch. Nylon clutches are available in various colors and sizes. These clutches do not look extremely beautiful, but are an ideal choice if you want a casual look.
If you too are willing to buy a clutch bag, make sure you choose the material of the clutch according to  your requirement.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Styling Tips for Women Who Love to Wear Skirts

Women skirts are in fashion and are loved by Muslim women as the outfit is comfortable, stylish yet modest. Long skirts can be worn to offices and even to formal or informal occasions. Wearing your skirt in the right manner can make you look elegant and trendy. Here are some styling tips that will help you look even more fashionable.
  • Choose skirts that fall smooth from the waist: Some skirts fall smooth from the waist while some are gathered at the waist. The bunches of fabric around the waist will make you look heavier. While choosing a skirt, always choose a skirt that does not have any fabric gathering on the waist.
  • Color tone: If you are thinking of wearing a skirt for the first time, it is better to opt for solid colors. Do not be experimental at the first go! If you do not want to wear a plain skirt, choose a skirt having a subtle print and team it up with a top of the same color as that of the skirt. Always keep it simple – do not choose skirts or tops of large prints.
  • Choose cotton skirts: Choosing a long and loose skirt is the right choice, but at the same time you must pay attention to the fabric of which the skirt is made. While wearing a skirt, you might go to a breezy place and this is when you need to carry off your skirt elegantly and carefully. Cotton skirts that are loose yet fit in such a manner that they do not get blown by the breeze are an ideal choice for every woman.
  • Appear taller with high waist skirts: Not many people know, but choosing a high waist skirt gives the wearer a taller look. The surprising fact here is that even if you pair a high waist skirt with flats, you will appear tall.
  • Appear slimmer with a skirt of a dark shade: If you always thought that looking slim is a nightmare for you, here is something that will surely bring a smile on your face – choose a skirt of a dark shade. A skirt of a darker shade will make you appear slimmer and at at the same time taller...

Monday, January 5, 2015

How to Choose an Ideal Abaya Online?

For Muslim women it is important to get dressed in outfits that have been designed according to the rules and regulations that need to be followed in Islam. Some years back it was a difficult task for Muslim women to find clothes that were modest yet stylish. Today, various designers have come up with outfits that have been designed according to the dressing code of Islam and yet look stylish and trendy. Also, the availability of various outfits online is giving the women a chance to choose fashionable outfits. One such popular outfit is an Abaya. Abayas are available in various styles, colors, patterns and designs. However, to find the perfect fit, there are a few factors that must be kept in mind. Make sure you keep the following tips in mind while buying an Abaya online.
  • Shop what suits your body type: It is good to follow the latest fashion trends, but make sure you do not choose an outfit that does not compliment your body type. Everything does not good look on everyone and this must be accepted by each one of us. Make sure you know what suits your body type and select an Abaya accordingly. Abayas of various cuts are available in the market, but this does not mean that you pick up just any Abaya. Make sure you pay attention to details like material, cut, design and color. This will help you in assessing that what you are planning to buy is right for you or not.
  • Choose the correct size: The size of an apparel can make or break your appearance. Muslim women should wear clothes that are loose, but that does not mean that they should select clothes that are extremely baggy else it will not give a smart appearance. To pick up the right size, make sure you scroll over to the drop down box of the size list given alongside every product. Along with this, also pay attention to the length of the Abaya. The Abaya must cover the entire legs, so make sure it is long enough....