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Muslim Women Clothing Taps into Modest Women Clothing

One thing which we should get straight right at the onset of this discussion is that Modest dressers belong to every faith and modest dr...

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Growing Popularity of Modest Swimming Suits

Women's Modest Swimwear East Essence
When we talk about a swimsuit, usually we visualise a dress which is skimpy, in the form of a 2-piece bikini or a 1-piece swim wear, just apt for the perfect body. But not all women are comfortable in wearing such swim wears. Plus there are various other reasons for an Islamic woman not preferring a regular swimwear. But does that mean that such women should avoid going for a swim or to the beach? No not at all.

Fortunately, nowadays, designers and apparel companies especially those dealing in Muslim clothing have come up with women’s modest swimwear to make Islamic women feel confident and look good at the beach or at the swimming pool without compromising their modesty and decency. In most of the retail outlets or even on online shopping sites, there are various types of swimwear for women, which also include the modest ones. These shopping outlets are targeting not only the religious and conservative women but also the fashionable young women...


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Live the Evergreen Fashion of Islamic Tunics

Islamic clothing is now available in a plethora of colors and Muslims living in different parts of the world now have access to same age-old traditional and modest Muslim clothing but in accordance with the latest fashion trends. These revamped versions of traditional clothing are being provided by various online stores that specialize in Islamic merchandises.

Islamic women who live in western countries usually have some difficulties in finding fashionable Islamic garments but now they can choose from a variety of traditional apparels that are available in varied colors and designs. The archaic and plain Islamic tunics have been slightly modified and are available on a number of online stores. Ladies can choose from- 

Muslim Tunics East Essence
  • Long Tunics- These are ankle-length tunics and are usually available in dark shades. These can be coupled with plain hijabs for an elegant look.
  • Batwing Tunics- These tunics are preferred by Islamic ladies all over the globe and one can wear them with tie-and-dye hijabs or even embroidered hijabs for a trendy and casual look.
  • Zipper Tunics- These tunics are equipped with a zipper and are the latest innovation in Muslim clothing. Available in several dark and classy shades, these tunics can be coupled with a sober embroidered hijab for any formal gathering.
  • Wrap Tunic- These tunics usually feature beautiful and exquisite ikkat prints and are immensely popular among Islamic females all over the world.
  • Knit Tunics- These tunics have a woolen texture and should be worn with printed and colorful hijabs for a chic and casual look.
  • Laced Tunics- These tunics are perfect for everyday wear and can be worn to workplaces as well as casual outings.
  • Embroidered Tunics- These tunics are adorned with beautiful embroidery designs and are available in various colors.
  • Butterfly Tunics- These tunics are adorned with catchy patterns and have large and puffed sleeves which add uniqueness to this beautiful outfit.
Muslim tunics are available in variety of fabrics ranging from viscose to cotton. Also, the unique sequined tunics will surely leave you mesmerized. Availability of plus size clothing is another significant advantage for Islamic women. Buyers can go for tunics with beautiful shifley embroidery at the wrists and the neck – such designs can greatly complement and accentuate the beauty of the outfit. To add elegance to your outfit, these online stores also provide alluring handbags, clutches and marvelous pashmina shawls. Those who are looking for an entire outfit can choose from the numerous dress sets available on these stores. Furthermore, length of these garments can be customized as per the needs of the buyer.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Traditional and Trendy Islamic Clothing for Everyone

With the rapidly changing trends of fashion, even Muslim clothing has undergone various changes. Islam is known for its modest clothing and in the current times, online stores try to provide traditional Muslim clothing in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

The trendy Islamic clothing has created ripples in the global fashion and is being preferred by Muslims all over the world. Female Muslims now have a plethora of options other than the age-old plain hijabs and abayas. These online stores combine the latest trends in fashion with the archaic traditions. Female Muslims can choose from a huge variety of abayas which comprises of beautiful maxi dresses as well as elegant bat-wing abayas that provide with the unique look you always had been searching for. Furthermore, these garments are available in plus-size as well.

There are different kinds of hijabs available on online stores and apart from plain and quaint hijabs, one can even go through the vast collection of colorful tie and dye hijabs or embroidered hijabs for a regal look. Buyers also have the custom length option in these hijabs. Those who wish to adorn their hijabs can buy exquisite hijab pins in beautiful designs – these pins will definitely add elegance and uniqueness to the outfit.  Apart from hijab pins, other accessories such as exquisite handbags and ornately designed clutches too can accentuate the overall beauty of your outfit...

Read More at- http://www.imfaceplate.com/eastessence/traditional-and-trendy-islamic-clothing-for-everyone

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Islamic School Uniforms Now a Click Away

The rapid technological advancements and incessantly changing fashion trends have had an effective impact on Islamic clothing. Now Muslim men and women both have an access to a variety of Islamic clothing available at a click. Various online stores provide latest styles of abayas, hijabs, thobes, jilbabs and dishdashas.

Even Islamic school uniforms are available online. Different uniforms pertaining to various global Islamic schools are available in the online market. Parents can choose from a variety of elegant hijabs or simplistic yet trendy kurtis for their adoring daughters. There’s a large collection of boys’ wears too comprising of plain or embroidered kurtas or splendid dishdashas and thobes. Uniforms for Islamic students are not easy to find especially in the western parts of the world but these issues have been resolved by various online stores. These stores provide uniforms for all the leading Islamic schools in different parts of the world.

Apart from uniforms, these stores also offer smart casuals for kids. Girls can admiringly flaunt their sequin abayas or adorn themselves with pretty scarves while little boys can head out in fashion with complete sets of traditional dresses or fancy kurtas....

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