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Friday, July 17, 2015

Fashion Tips on Wearing Islamic Tunics

Islamic clothing always includes simple and modest dresses that completely cover the body of wearer. Outfits for Muslim women today include tunics as well. Islamic tunics are slightly different from usual tunics. Following are the major differences between the two:
  • Tunics worn by Muslim women are considerably long. Long Islamic tunics extend at least till the knees of wearer.
  • These Tunics are designed from a thick fabric that hides the skin tone of wearer.
  • Islamic tunics mostly have a dark color such as black or brown.
  • These tunics do not have any fancy patterns or flashy designs on them.
Following are some fashion tips on wearing long Islamic tunics:

Wear tunics for Formal Look

Regardless of others' opinion, Muslim women can definitely wear tunics at work. Versatility of tunics extends across a variety of looks. However, there are some points one should remember while wearing tunics on a formal occasion. Following are some of those:
  • Choose a simple print. When you are wearing a tunic for office, its print should not attract attention.
  • Pick a dark color. Islamic outfits are usually bold in color, It is better to follow the same with tunics. Moreover, dark tunics look better on formal occasions.
  • Pair your tunic with a smart pair of loose trousers. Trousers should not extend beyond the ankle.
  • A trendy clutch or handbag makes a classy combination with tunics.
  • Avoid wearing flashy jewelry particularly golden jewelry as it is forbidden according to Islamic tradition. Wear some understated pieces instead.

Make sure that Fitting is Loose Enough

Style and modesty go together in Islamic clothing. Any outfit worn by Muslim women needs to be loose and comfortable. Tunics are not an exception to that. A good option is to choose at least one size longer.

Consider Your Height While Choosing Tunic

Your height is an important factor while choosing Islamic tunics. Following are some important considerations:
  • Tunic should be long enough to extend at least till the knee of wearer.
  • Avoid wearing tunics if you are too short. If you still want to wear those, make sure you team them with the right dress.
  •  If you are tall, choose smaller prints on tunics. On the other hand, if you are short, go for bigger prints.
Above mentioned fashion tips will be very useful for you. Following these tips, you can flaunt a classy look wearing Islamic tunics.

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