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Friday, September 16, 2016

A Closet Tour into Women's Islamic Clothing

Women’s Islamic Clothing is an umbrella term which encapsulates modest outfits specifically catered for the Muslim Women who is mandated to wear sharia implied clothes. Sharia implied clothes imply clothes which aren’t cut out to reveal parts of the body, except what is visible naturally like the face and hands, they shouldn’t be too tight to give out the shape of the woman or be too flashy or be rendered shocking colors which may grab eyeballs. There are also a couple of other keynotes that clothes shouldn’t carry an image or a picture of a living being or made out of haram material. All in all, it’s safe to say that modest clothes translate into clothes which generously cover your body.

So now that we have established modest clothes, let’s get you in on the nuances of modest dressing. If you’ve managed to catch on the Hijabi fashion wave, modest dressers these days are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to experimenting with clothes, accessories which weren’t traditionally cut out to be that way. For example, a Maxi or a Ball gown tweaked enough to copy an Abaya Gown, or a Maxi Abaya has also given us Frock Abayas. Thus we see that women Islamic clothing has come a long way from being black drab cloaks to fancy and designer renditions of a humble Abaya. Pants, palazzos, culottes, tunics and knee length blouses, long length cardigans and blazers. You also get to play ‘layering’ with your clothes and accessories. Similarly, there’ a vivid variety in terms of fabrics with Abayas are made now. Be it mixed cotton, lycra stretch, nets, frills, china silk, or even wool for cooler landscapes to acclimatize to very cold weather conditions everything seems legit as long as it accommodates comfort and modesty on the whole.

The Hijab Fashion Industry too has evolved a lot with the Millennial touch and hence High streets Hijab is very much a part of our living reality. The fresh crop of young Hijabistas show you how to add spunk and ‘cool’ quotient to your everyday outfits by experimenting with your outfits. And this could be achieved through a variety of ways like layering, mix-match, accessorizing and carrying yourself with confidence. And yes don’t forget to add that smile…smile for it’s Sunnah!

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