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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

3 Reasons Why Zipper Abayas Are the Coolest Thing in the Market Now

For millennials sporting a traditional, or cultural rendition in an attire which evokes modesty and religious ethos has never been easier. Since Millennials like to do things a tad bit different ,there’s a growing market to embrace customisations as per the new consumers.

The women have adequately learnt the art of balancing fashion and faith nexus and hence are more open to experimenting with their looks and styles giving themselves a personal space. For a generation that believes in shopping Abayas and jilbabs online coz it’s just way too easy often making great bargains, outfits assimilating a bit of practicality along with the usual spunk and culture goes a long mile in sealing the deal with the consumers.
  1. Coz Zipper abayas also allow the easy integration of cool tech fabric- Cool tech is literally the 'coolest' thing to happen in the Islamic fashion world. The internal workings of the fabric allows a cooling sensation which gets activated when there's a rise in body temperature and sweat. Sweet...yes it is! Since a zipper basically wraps you up, you don't need to worry about the encapsulated body heat in hot tropics.Let the cool tech work its wonders by wrapping you in its 'coolness'. Pun intended.
  2. The art of layering- Sometimes you might get disappointed in your E shopping conquests when searching for the perfect open Abaya online coz often they do not match your expectations. While a Zipper Abaya gives you the freedom to expose or hide the amount of inner 'layer of clothing' you want by easily zipping it up front. Makes for an easy fix when you want to dabble in the territory of color blocks and contrasts.
  3. Zipper abayas are also hassle free- It is your go-to outfit when you are in nick of time. Covers all your gothic themed tees or sponge Bob's just in time with ample coverage if you aren't too forthcoming in exposing your fetishes to the world outside. Truth be told, you also don't have to struggle with lost or missing buttons on your front open abaya. Just zip it and seal your sweats and wonder tees inside.
Brownie points: Also they are pretty easy to fix just rub some wax on the zipper track and you are good to go.

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