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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Many Flairs of Islamic T- Shirts

Move over the just do it tag and embrace Just Dua it, one of the many flavours of snappy and jazzy one-liner in sync with the halal quotient of an Islamic T shirt. By definition Islamic T shirts could be categorized and described as pieces of garments resonating certain elements of Islamic ethos and sentiments. Moreover, they could reiterate the idea of Islamic faith which gets stereotyped by media frenzy and present it to the youngsters with a  modern twist making it more acceptable and as well as inviting for a dialogue. The above line is just many of the liners used by manufacturers producing Islamic garments. The other most famous one is ‘One Ummah , One faith’

Talking about Islamic T shirts and quotes one ought to remember that these T shirts again shouldn’t go outside the sharia ruling of Halal. There are many Islamic guidelines to be followed for both the sexes while wearing clothes which could be deemed modest and Islamic. For example one is not supposed to wear garments which reveal skin than which appears naturally, the fabric of which might be transient , any garment which could give the impression of the opposite sex and also one should abstain from wearing clothes which have an imprint, picture or photograph of any living being. Yes, you cant’ offer your salaah wearing your favourite cat shirt or your cute pug T shirt. Similarly there are different rulings for men wherein it is condemned for men to wear silk or silken clothes. Thinking about those Chinese silken thobes, are we?

Now that we are done with the fabrics, Islamic T shirts beside carrying the overtones of faith infuse modernity by teeming it with certain Islamic philosophy and message. This directly also comes in line with the Islamic teachings. As per hadith, it is said that anyone who spreads the message of Islam gets the reward every time, someone reads it, eternally and that continues even after s/he dies. This comes under the banner of Sadq-e-jaria . Many a times these Islamic quotes or T- shirts aren’t too overtly about religion and hence could be sported by anyone.

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